Graduate Tuition and Fees


Effective for Summer I, 2021

$762.00 per credit

$2,286.00 per 3-credit course


$20 registration fee per semester
$50 technology fee per semester
$100 promissory note default fee (when applicable)
$100 graduate degree audit fee
$300 mentorship fee (accelerated MBA programs only)

Payments can be made online through the Student Account Center via which is the preferred method of payment. The Student Account Center can be accessed 24/7 and one-time payments are secure and post in real-time. One-time payments can be made by checking, savings accounts (you will need your bank routing number) and credit card. 

Payments can be made over the phone with TMS/Nelnet at 1-800-279-1914. 

Payments can also be made by cash or bank check at the Cashier’s office on campus weekday mornings between 8:30am and 11:45am. The cashier’s office is closed on University holidays.

Tuition and fees are subject to review on an annual basis.

The total cost of attendance is determined by the credit hours of specific graduate programs.


Massachusetts State Law requires that any student enrolled in six or more credits in the fall or spring semester must submit evidence of health insurance coverage or the student will be automatically enrolled in the University's insurance plan.  For more information visit health insurance requirements.


No consideration will be given to an application for a refund unless the student has given notice to the Program Director at the time of withdrawal from a course. No fee paid, or any portion thereof, is returnable as a matter of right upon a student’s withdrawal from the University. Where illness, physical disability or extraordinary circumstances require a student to leave, he/she may file with the Director of Graduate Enrollment a written statement of the causes of such withdrawal, accompanied by a statement from the registrar giving the date of withdrawal.

The “date of withdrawal” is the date on which the student has actually notified the department. Refunds on tuition will be made according to the following schedule:

For regularly scheduled courses that meet weekly during the semester whether online, blended or traditional course format.

Withdrawal prior to the 1st class session ...............100%
Withdrawal prior to the 2nd class session ...............90%
Withdrawal prior to the 3rd class session ................50%
Withdrawal after the 3rd class session ......................0%

For special schedule courses that do not meet weekly. 

Withdrawal prior to the 1st class session ...............100%
Withdrawal prior to the 2nd class session ...............33%
Withdrawal prior to the 3rd class session ...................0%