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We believe that a culture committed to community is the foundation for successful careers and meaningful lives.

Fully embracing the Assumption experience means embarking on a life-changing journey to become your best self. Someone who leads with integrity and courage because they have studied with care and curiosity.
Greg Weiner

President Greg Weiner:

“Here at Assumption, ivy may not climb up our walls, and other than the chapel bells, there are no towers, much less ivory ones, on our campus. But we offer an excellent education. It is rare. It is relevant. And these students—Assumption students—are the ones who will show up on the first day of work, do their jobs with integrity and without complaint, treat colleagues with decency, learn eagerly, innovate boldly, and adapt nimbly. And that is the most elite and valuable credential any college graduate can have.”

Turn interests into passions, and passions into careers
Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Maybe you have a deep interest in sociology and economics, but you’re not yet sure how to turn that into a career. Or maybe your future is wide open. Assumption’s Catholic liberal arts experience in the classroom—along with countless opportunities to explore your interests outside of class—gives you unique insight into what drives you. You’ll discover hidden talents, strengthen long-held interests, and better understand who you are—so you can choose the right professionally and personally fulfilling destination.

The foundation of your academic experience.
Your Assumption educational experience will begin with the Foundations Program. This unifying Catholic liberal arts educational experience provides the foundation for any major or professional education you work towards at Assumption and beyond. This program is aimed at helping you discover who you are and what type of life you wish to lead.

Your first-year bridge from high school to university
Assumption’s semester-long first-year program, COMPASS (Common Pursuit of Academic and Social Success), gives you the tools and instruction to navigate the transition from high school to university. You’ll learn in a close-knit, supportive community that allows you to ease into university-level coursework and quickly make new friends.

A learning experience that helps you thrive as you join the Assumption Community
Logos is an innovative first-year learning experience that will introduce you to the Assumption community, prepare you for academic success, and encourage you to explore who you are and who you ought to become. Faculty and student mentors work together to provide each student with personalized guidance and support that empowers them to cultivate their unique talents and realize their full potential.

Pursue a life of meaning
The SOPHIA (Sophomore Initiative) Program invites you to pursue your personal, professional, and spiritual goals in light of your own talents and desires, and the needs of the world around you. By combining academic, mentoring, and travel opportunities, dedicated faculty mentors from a variety of different disciplines encourage and motivate you to find your calling and to identify key questions to learn to live a purposeful life.

An intensive learning experience designed to foster academic engagement inside and outside the classroom
The Honors Program offers you challenging courses dedicated to higher-level thinking and depth of understanding; special opportunities for social and intellectual engagement outside of the classroom; and access to the Honors suite in the state-of-the-art Tsotsis Academic Building.

A journey of self-discovery and achievement
An Assumption Catholic liberal arts education is about building knowledge and preparing for a successful career—and a whole lot more. You’ll hone your talents and discover new passions. You’ll take crucial steps to become everything you want to be—as a learner, leader, teammate, and citizen.
Community Service
Service Immersion Trips
Spiritual Life

Explore every facet of who you are in the company of friends
At Assumption, you’ll be celebrated for the unique, multidimensional person you are. We believe that well-rounded lives are fulfilling ones, and we provide countless opportunities for you to achieve happiness and balance through participation in clubs, intramural sports, community service, faith retreats, and more.
Get Involved!
Residential Life

Support throughout your university experience
At every point along your journey of intellectual pursuit and self-discovery, you’ll receive an exceptional degree of encouragement and support—from our first-year programs that eases your transition from high school to university, to the academic advisors and faculty mentors who will help you make key decisions on courses, internships, research, study abroad, and other opportunities.
Academic Support Center
Career Development and Internship Center
Accessibility Services

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