Student’s Rights and Responsibilities


  • The cost of attendance.
  • The refund policy for students who withdraw.
  • What financial assistance is available from federal, state, and institutional sources.
  • Procedures and deadlines for submitting applications for financial aid.
  • How financial aid recipients are selected.
  • How your eligibility was determined, including all resources the Financial Aid Office considered available to you.
  • How and when funds will be disbursed to you.
  • An explanation of each type of award you receive.
  • For any student loan you receive: the interest rate, total amount you must repay, when your repayments begins, the length of your repayment period, and the cancellation or deferment provisions of your loan.
  • The criteria used to determine satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes.


  • Read directions thoroughly, complete all applications accurately, and comply with any deadlines.
  • Provide any supplemental information or documentation required by the Financial Aid Office or other agency if applicable.
  • Read, understand, and keep copies of any forms you are required to sign.
  • Repay any student loans you may receive.
  • Attend an entrance interview and a exit interview if you receive Federal loans while in attendance at Assumption University.
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes in your enrollment status or financial status (including any scholarships or grants received from outside sources). Changes of address and enrollment status also must be reported to your lender if you have a loan.
  • Know and comply with all requirements for continuation of financial aid, including satisfactory academic progress requirements.