Outdoors club students participate in a white water rafting trip

Club Sports

Each Club Sport is developed, governed, and managed by its student membership in collaboration with the Campus Recreation administrative staff.  The key to the success of this program, and each club, is your leadership, interest, involvement and participation. Our Club Sports promote leadership development, responsibility, decision making, public relations, organization and fiscal management, as well as specific sport-related skills.

Participation is co-ed, men, or women. There are three levels of Club Sports:

  1. Recreational: Scheduled practice time for program instruction. Group activity is for fun and relaxation.
  2. Instructional: Scheduled practice time and program instruction as student interest warrants. Tournament opportunities could be available, though not necessarily required. Skill level can range from beginner to advanced.
  3. Competitive: Scheduled competitive meets with other Club Sports or sub-varsity programs with any institution, requires coach(s), establishes a regular practice schedule, and develops on-going fundraising activities through outside sources. Enhanced level of skill development, fundraising and administration.
Assumption Ultimate Frisbee team, one of the largest recreation sports, at a tournament
Club Sports List

Basketball (Men’s and Women’s)


Dance Team


Figure Skating


Latin Dance

Martial Arts

Outdoors Club

Running Club

Ultimate Frisbee

Volleyball (Men’s and Women’s)

Soccer (Women’s)

Weight Lifting (Women’s)

How to Join (or Create) a Club Sports Team

Interested in joining or creating a club sports team? Fill out this form to be connected with Michael Rodier, Director of Campus Recreation, and/or the club’s captain to learn more.