Organ Scholarship

Assumption offers a full tuition scholarship opportunity for one student selected to be an Organ Scholar beginning in the fall of 2019. The scholarship is renewable for four years to a current applicant for Assumption’s Class of 2023 who is majoring in music.

Please email all completed Organ Scholarship Forms and direct any questions to:

Michelle Graveline, DMA
Professor of Music

Academic Expectations of the Organ Scholar:

  • The Organ Scholar will study organ at least one semester per year.  The stipend for the organ instructor will not be included in the scholarship and will be considered a lab fee.
  • The Organ Scholar should expect to put in 8-10 hours of practice on organ and piano each week in order to prepare the music he/she has to play.
  • In his/her junior or senior year, the Organ Scholar may present an organ recital (approximately 20-30 minutes) as part of the Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  • In his/her senior year, the Organ Scholar will present a senior recital of 30-40 minutes of representative organ repertoire.
  • The Organ Scholar will sing in Chorale and VOCE, be at all concerts, and accompany on occasion.
  • The Organ Scholar will ideally maintain a 2.7 GPA or better.
  • The Organ Scholar will major in music.  This does not preclude a double major in another discipline.

Campus Ministry Expectations of the Organ Scholar:

  • Play for approximately 15 Masses per semester (with the assistance of the chapel organist and the director of music ministry)
  • Sing in Chapel Choir when not accompanying and be at all Chapel Choir masses.
  • Assist in preparing music for and rehearsing with the student cantors
  • Assist the director of music ministry with music preparation, choir set-up and break-down, folder and music preparation, clean-up, and filing
  • Training and assisting in liturgy planning
  • Attendance at Liturgy Working Committee Meetings and Liturgy Advisory Council meetings on an occasional basis, as needed.
  • Assist with visiting organists for the Human Arts Series.
  • May be asked to play selections as chosen by the director for special liturgies such as: Mass of the Holy Spirit; Children’s Mass; Accepted Students Day Mass; Ash Wednesday; Special 5PM Liturgies that arise during the academic year; SEND Mass
  • Rehearse with student instrumentalists as needed
  • Accompany various pieces chosen by the director for the Lessons & Carols and Lenten Concerts
  • Accompany pieces at the senior Mass
  • Assist in the preparation of Festival Choir Liturgies, Christmas Eve Mass, Holy Week, Easter Vigil

* This award is for a maximum of 8 semesters only. Scholarship is for tuition only, and does not include fees, such as lab, studio, student activity fees, etc., and room and board. If student proves eligibility through FAFSA filing, then federal and state aid, or loans, may also be available.

** Because the Organ Scholar receives a full tuition scholarship, it is expected that he/she will not accept employment that would cause him/her to be absent from a college Mass or concert at which the Chapel Choir or Chorale sings, or at which he/she is expected to accompany. This includes employment as a church organist when the college is in session.