International Student Success Center

International students' resource for personalized academic, social, and immigration support services

In a setting that expresses appreciation of cultural diversity, the International Student Success Center (ISSC) at Assumption University provides programs, services, and immigration support, to assist and educate international students in their transition to the U.S. as well as to the academic culture of the University.

As an international student at Assumption, you will receive support on topics related to your F-1 visa status and a successful transition from your first year through graduation and beyond. These services include, but are not limited to, obtaining a visa, engaging in campus life, and pursuing practical training through our International Students Success Center (ISSC).

For more information, contact Chad Laliberte, Director of Student Success Pathways & International Student Advisor, PDSO.

International Student Success Center Services

  • International Student Events: The ISSC sponsors events throughout the academic year for international students that include social events, cultural celebrations, academic lectures, and policy workshops.

  • Procedures, Policies & Travel Advice: The ISSC is where, as an international student, you can find resources to keep up to date on governmental policies, procedures, and forms related to maintaining your visa status and Travel Advice.

  • Employment: The ISSC can help you apply for work authorization whether for jobs on campus and or off, as well as any volunteer/internship opportunities you wish to pursue. Please contact the ISSC if you plan to apply for an on campus, off campus or volunteer/internship position.

International Student FAQs

Check out answers to all of our most frequently asked questions about applying and enrolling as an international student at Assumption!

International Student FAQs

Information for International Students

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Chad Laliberte, P.D.S.O.
Director of Student Success Pathways and International Student Advisor