Assumption University is guided by a mission statement that ensures that the ideals of a Catholic and Assumptionist institution are integrated within all aspects of campus life.

Catholic Principles and Strong Academics

Assumption University is a Catholic liberal arts institution founded to awaken in students a sense of wonder, discovery and purpose. We form graduates known for their intellectual seriousness, thoughtful citizenship, and dedication to the common good. We are a diverse and inclusive community that welcomes different points of view and is committed to the pursuit of truth in the company of friends. With broad and relevant academic programs, a person-centered learning approach, and a vibrant community, an education at Assumption transforms the minds and hearts of students and prepares them for meaningful careers.

An Education Built on Solid Reason and Faith

Your Assumption University education will prepare you to compete for the best jobs and career tracks, but there's more to it than that - you will be instilled with something far more lasting and life-changing than simple professional training.

You'll develop habits and skills of good judgment - and develop the confidence that you can hold and defend a sound argument based upon your own comprehension, examination and evaluation of facts and context.

In other words, you'll grow comfortable making sense of a world increasingly filled with ambiguity, distortions and diverse points of view.

As you grow as a student and as a professional, you will benefit from 2,000 years of the Catholic intellectual tradition and explore the teachings of scientists, artists, writers and philosophers who have engaged in a search for truth across all time and all disciplines.