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At Assumption University, you will benefit from exceptional academic programs, unparalleled real-world learning, and a community that embraces who you are.


Our liberal arts foundation prepares you for personal and professional success in a world of constant change.

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Michael O'Reilly

Cybersecurity 2021
Digital Leadership Development Program Associate, Raytheon

The curriculum and professors at Assumption have helped me grow as a versatile young professional.

Not only have I gained the technical knowledge needed in the field, I also received professional guidance from Professor Albert and the rest of the department’s faculty. As a result, I participated in an internship and was offered a full-time job before graduating.

Ahlajuwon Spencer

Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies 2018
Vocational Counselor, The New England Center for Children

My internship at The New England Center for Children was a wonderful experience.

I gained knowledge in specific areas of applied behavior analysis (ABA) throughout my internship. I learned how to efficiently run task analysis as well as preference assessments with students. I also enjoyed learning about the clinical aspect of ABA.

Victoria Stowell

Accounting 2020
Audit and Attest Staff, Citrin Cooperman

My success is a result of the faculty’s extensive knowledge and the Career and Internship Fair.

Assumption prepared me by guiding me through the job search process and helping with my resume, cover letters, and any other questions I had. Take advantage of all the opportunities that Assumption provides!

Samuel Malone

Cybersecurity 2021
IT Specialist, UniBank

Hands-on experiences and real-world learning allowed me to simulate the future work I want to do.

Through working on a variety of different and distinct projects assigned by multiple professors, I gained insight into how the information security world functions and learned the necessary skills to obtain important certifications.

Cassandra Burbine

Sport Management 2018
Boston Red Sox Luxury Suites Management, Fenway Park

I was lucky enough to get my dream job before graduation due to hard work and help from Assumption.

Assumption has endless connections with people who help students succeed and start their careers. The community is a constant source of support and guidance. Assumption introduced me to alumni that gave me excellent advice and guidance about finding my perfect career.

Gabriela Rosa

International Business 2017
Operations Manager, Amazon

My professors at Assumption challenged me to think critically to solve problems.

After working on various group projects, I learned the importance of listening and working as a team. Working with people has always been a passion of mine and a big part of my job at Amazon is motivating, mentoring and coaching my team. I feel well prepared for my career.

Nicole Gomez

Cybersecurity 2021
Security Engineer Internship, TJX

Assumption’s cybersecurity program has given me the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Assumption’s cybersecurity program has definitely prepared me for success and helped me grow in my career path. I’ve learned so much from my professors and received a lot of support along the way. It’s an honor to be one of the first to graduate from the program.

Isaac Brobbey

Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies 2019
Youth Futures International - Internship in Ghana

Assumption offers all the resources to make one’s dreams become reality.

Students reach their highest potential here. I want to build and improve healthcare systems in developing countries, so I was able to complete my internship in my home country, Ghana, where l left six years ago. This is undoubtedly a dream I have always hoped for.

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Worcester Campus

Our leafy 185-acre campus is located in a picturesque residential neighborhood of Worcester, Massachusetts. Live in a beautiful environment — while enjoying all that New England’s second-largest city has to offer.

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Rome Campus

Our second campus in Rome, Italy, offers you the option of a one-of-a-kind study abroad experience. Immerse yourself in the art, culture, and history of one of the world’s most storied cities.

Light the way

For the Assumption community, Light the Way is both a promise and a call to action. It’s what we strive to do for each and every student—intellectually, personally, and spiritually—so that their paths are illuminated and they are prepared in turn to brighten the world around them.

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