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Michelle Graveline, D.M.A

Interim Dean, D'Amour College of the Liberal Arts and Sciences


The D'Amour College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the perfect place to begin your educational journey. Grounded in the wisdom of the Catholic intellectual tradition, we promote the liberal arts and sciences as foundational to all academic programs. Our unique CORE curriculum challenges you to consider the importance of morality in our modern world and discover your unique meaning and purpose while also deepening the reading, writing, and communication skills necessary for success in your career, personal life, and community.  

Choose from one of the 26 majors we offer, ranging from new and emerging fields like cybersecurity, neuroscience, and communication and media to traditional arts and humanities such as graphic design and philosophy, to social sciences like criminology and psychology. You’ll have access to state-of-the art computer and research facilities, quiet nooks for reading and contemplation, caring professors to help you reach your full potential, and numerous community sites for internships and service learning.

Come join us to learn, grow, lead, and serve.

Paula Fitzpatrick

Michelle Graveline, D.M.A
Interim Dean, D'Amour College of the Liberal Arts and Sciences

Shining Their Light

Samuel Malone

Cybersecurity 2021
IT Specialist, UniBank

Hands-on experiences and real-world learning allowed me to simulate the future work I want to do.

Through working on a variety of different and distinct projects assigned by multiple professors, I gained insight into how the information security world functions and learned the necessary skills to obtain important certifications.

Nicole Gomez

Cybersecurity 2021
Security Engineer Internship, TJX

Assumption’s cybersecurity program has given me the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Assumption’s cybersecurity program has definitely prepared me for success and helped me grow in my career path. I’ve learned so much from my professors and received a lot of support along the way. It’s an honor to be one of the first to graduate from the program.

Michael O'Reilly

Cybersecurity 2021
Digital Leadership Development Program Associate, Raytheon

The curriculum and professors at Assumption have helped me grow as a versatile young professional.

Not only have I gained the technical knowledge needed in the field, I also received professional guidance from Professor Albert and the rest of the department’s faculty. As a result, I participated in an internship and was offered a full-time job before graduating.

Mikaela Newman

Psychology 2021
Research Fellow, Assumption University Learning and Memory Lab

As a research fellow, I gained valuable knowledge on compiling a research study and analyzing data.

My coursework at Assumption, especially psychology classes, provided a strong foundation and allowed me to be a more effective research assistant. The professors are always willing to get to know students and help them succeed to the best of their ability.

Samantha Surowiec

History 2021
Researcher, American Antiquarian Society; Research Fellow, Assumption Honors Program

Assumption is a place where you will grow as a student, a person, and a member of society.

With the guidance and encouragement from faculty and my peers, it was possible for me to participate in incredible research and fellowship opportunities. I was able to reach my fullest potential as a student and will carry with me so many invaluable experiences.

Will Ciesinski

Cybersecurity 2021
Data Analyst Internship, PathMatch

Switching to a cybersecurity major was the best decision I made in my college career.

I am very well prepared for my career thanks to the faculty and staff who made sure I had the skills required for future employment. Assumption is the perfect school if you are looking for a small, tight-knit community that constantly has you as the main focus.

Natalia Kaczor

Chemistry 2020
Research & Development / Quality Control Intern, Randolph Products

Assumption provides opportunities to form relationships that can be pivotal in your career.

From the moment you step on campus, join clubs, expand your social horizons, and do not be afraid to network and attend school functions. Assumption is your home away from home so try new things and have fun because these four years fly by faster than you expect!

Timothy Tierney

Criminology 2020
Researched how police interactions are perceived by different groups of people and the correlating relationships with law enforcement / Intern, Worcester Police Department

Assumption has laid the foundation for me to be successful in the next part of my life.

At my internship, I learned the everyday tasks of an officer and federal agent. I experienced how investigations take place and the different methods of surveillance utilized in law enforcement. I feel very prepared for the various aspects of the field I want to pursue.

Skyler Hesch

Community Service-Learning 2020
Double major in English Literature and English Writing and Mass Communications and double minor in Education and Community Service Learning

My CSL experiences inspired me to be the difference, find my passion, and live a life that matters

From soup kitchens to after school programs to nursing homes to food pantries to thrift shops, minoring in CSL opened my eyes to the needs of others in my community as well as my own ability to make a difference and have a positive impact on those around me every day.

Brianna Rondeau

Psychology 2020
Clinical Student Intern, UMass Medical School; Relief Counselor, Open Sky Community Services; Pursuing Master of Social Work at Bridgewater State University

I took what I learned in class and saw it come to life through my internship.

I learned how to advocate for myself and how to work with patients - a skill I will utilize in graduate school. I believe Assumption and the people here have made me search for myself and understand what I am meant to do.

Travis Butler

Biology 2020
Complex Systems Researcher, Assumption's Department of Biological and Physical Sciences

Assumption gave me the work ethic and communication skills needed for a wide variety of experiences.

I've given lectures in Massachusetts and at an international conference in Greece. These are achievements I couldn’t have reached without Assumption’s support and cultivation of these skills within me.

Meghan Foster

Psychology 2020
Emergency Mental Health Intern, UMass Memorial Hospital; Mental Health Counselor, Walden Behavioral Care; Pursuing Master of Science in Mental Health at UMass Boston

Through Assumption, my clinical experience at UMass landed me my first post-grad job.

Assumption’s supportive, inclusive, and positive atmosphere sets it apart from any other institution. Assumption provided me with endless opportunities for research, conference presentations, and clinical experiences which all aided in my success and has allowed me to excel.

Cassandra Miller

Psychology 2020
Clinical Counseling Intern, Open Sky Community Services

I was constantly provided opportunities from my professors and the CDIC to further my education.

This was how I was able to obtain my internship at Open Sky and eventually my license as a registered behavior technician. You never know when an opportunity will pass, and Assumption provides so many.

Julie Aguiar

Neuroscience 2022

The fellowship at BU truly allowed me to develop myself as both a scholar and research professional.

I had the opportunity to work with incredible people in a lab where we conducted research that will be used to develop resources to help Schizophrenic individuals. I fully intend on continuing to do more with my research in the future.

Courtney Deslauriers

Chemistry 2023

The relationships with Assumption faculty have led me to opportunities I never thought possible.

I had the opportunity to work in a chemistry lab at Purdue University with graduate and Ph.D. students to study diffusion with the goal of improving the drug discovery process. I am grateful for the opportunity and hope to continue to do research in my future.

Brian Leger

Computer Science 2023

The summer research fellowship offered me opportunities to grow in my multidisciplinary experience.

I worked with Dr. Knurr on a 3D printed device that will help chemists, physicists, doctors, and manufacturing companies. Using problem solving and critical thinking skills, we worked as a team to design computer simulations and a testing apparatus for the device.

Sierra O’Keefe

Biology with a Concentration in Neuroscience and Behavior 2022

Assumption’s unique mentorships have allowed my education to grow exponentially.

The ability to complete summer research made me a stronger applicant in the medical field and allowed me the opportunity to present at Assumption’s Undergraduate Symposium, defend a senior thesis and present at the Society for Neuroscience.

Emma Ushchak

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology 2022

I learned valuable problem-solving skills and the importance of flexibility in scientific research.

I investigated the ultrasonic properties of prostate cells with a wonderful mentor and fellow student this summer. This opportunity allowed me to contribute to an ongoing project pertaining to a field I hope to pursue in the future, diagnostic medicine.

An Ideal Place to Learn

Faculty Feature

Marc Guerra

Theology, CTEQ

Forging lifelong friendships between students, teachers, great ideas and Great Books. That is CTEQ.

Liberal education is more than a path to a good career. It is a humanizing gateway to discovering who we are and what makes us truly happy. Offering select seminars, trips abroad, and student symposia, CTEQ never loses sight of this basic truth.

Regina Kuersten-Hogan


Learning beyond the classroom and gaining hands-on experiences during internships in Psychology

An internship is so much more than just another class. Students transform during their experiences working in the field. These real-world experiences help them gain greater clarity on life goals and open doors to jobs and graduate schools after they complete our program.

Richard Bonanno


Italian provides many opportunities to engage learners in an interdisciplinary voyage of discovery.

I adopt non-traditional methods of teaching by leading a scavenger hunt at the Worcester Art Museum, hosting a bookmaking workshop, producing digital media with students, or directing a course of study on our Rome Campus uniting Environmental Science and Italian Literature.

David Crowley


Collaborative research with undergrads exemplifies the best of learning and mentoring at Assumption.

Whether it’s through independent study, a summer fellowship, or pursuit of an Honors thesis, active participation in research presents our students with intellectual challenges that develop their critical thinking skills and overall appreciation for the pursuit of knowledge.

Molly McGrath

Philosophy, Honors Program

Students get to do university-level research with the personal connections of a closer community.

The Honors experience at Assumption includes individually designed student research projects that are guided one-on-one by professors during the school year. Honors fellows can also earn research funding by working collaboratively with a faculty member over the summer.

Esteban Loustanau

Spanish, Sophia Program

Teaching Spanish strikes students’ imagination to communicate and name the world in new ways.

In my courses, students apply their skills with Community Service Learning to create projects using photographs, texts, and videos with local immigrant communities in Worcester.

Michele Lemons


Training Assumption students to unveil molecular mechanisms of brain development

I am fascinated by the complexity of the brain and train students in the lab to identify molecules for proper brain formation and function. Students have been co-authors at professional conferences and in scientific journals. Come join in the adventure of discovery!

Maria Parmley


Students can work with faculty on cutting-edge research in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Students in the Psychology department have the opportunity to perform and present research alongside professors in the areas of mental health, developmental, learning and memory, and neuroscience research through internships, independent studies, and summer fellowships.

Carl Keyes


My students and I study the history of advertising in the era of the American Revolution.

Students in my early American history classes work as guest curators for my website, the Adverts 250 Project. Through their research, they make contributions to the complicated history of marketing, commerce, and slavery in colonial and revolutionary America.

Ray Albert


Our Cybersecurity program is expanding to prepare more graduates to address national workforce short

The program is mapped to the latest national curricular standards, emphasizes preparation of knowledgeable, skilled graduates with strong moral character and integrity, who benefit from internships, international conferences, and direct interaction with experienced faculty.

Angela Kaufman-Parks


Experiential learning prepares Criminology graduates for entry into criminal justice careers.

A 200-hour internship provides students with hands-on experience and personal connections essential for navigating future criminal justice careers. Placements commonly include law enforcement, the courts, victims and substance abuse services, and programs for at-risk youth.

Mike Land

English, Community Service Learning

I want students to experience the connection between service in the world and on-campus scholarship

I employ service-learning in a wide range of contexts, writing a personal column about their experience at an agency, interviewing refugees at African Community Education to create transcripts, or volunteering at after-school programs and writing sociological field reports.

Jeremy Geddert, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Studying politics unlocks the fascination of discovering the greats as they understand themselves

But how can we each discover our own personhood while still coming together as one people? My research explores how music weaves diverse voices, instruments, and rhythms into a harmonious whole.

Lynn Simmons, MFA

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art & Design

I feel fortunate to teach a discipline that integrates so well with project based learning.

Working with organizations such as the Refugee Artisans of Worcester has given my graphic design classes a total experiential learning opportunity - designing materials and also interviewing the artisans, keeping the human element alive in the design process.

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