Part-time MBA

Part-time MBA

Preparing well-rounded graduates to become leaders in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors.

TestMichael Lewis, Ph.D. Director

Welcome to the Grenon School of Business MBA program! Our program is designed for working professionals seeking to make a difference in their careers, organizations, and society.

Our program is focused on real-world practice emphasizing value-based and responsible leadership. Our curriculum will help you develop expertise in the various functions of an organization as well as how these different functions work together to create value and serve stakeholders. By joining our MBA program, you will become part of a community of peers, faculty, and staff who will support and challenge you to succeed in your studies and reach your goals. We hope for a transformative learning experience that will accelerate your career and help you become a difference-maker. As you explore our MBA program, you will find a comprehensive curriculum with several optional concentrations. I appreciate your interest in our MBA program, and I look forward to you becoming part of the Grenon School of Business graduate community.

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Part-time MBA Program Contact

Susan M. Cahill

Sr. Associate Director of Post-Bachelor and Graduate Admissions
508-767-7365 Admissions House - Room 205

Michael S. Lewis, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Management and Accounting, MBA Director, Assistant Professor of Management
508-767-7372 Tsotsis Family Academic Center - Room 346

Shelley Walsh

Student Service Representative
508-767-7426 Tsotsis Family Academic Center - Room 338

An Ideal Place to Learn

Real-world Focus
Small class sizes

Program Curriculum

    • Ethical leadership skills that enable graduates to develop principled approaches to inspiring, influencing, and guiding others;
    • An in-depth understanding of the concepts and theories, as well as technical and professional skills in the “core” areas of business;
    • Critical thinking and communication skills that enable graduates to develop and articulate logical, coherent, and persuasive arguments; marshal supportive evidence; and distinguish fact from opinion;
    • Integration skills that enable graduates to make decisions based on multiple, often conflicting, perspectives; and
    • A global perspective that enables graduates to identify, analyze and practice how best to manage when faced with difference.
  • The part-time evening MBA consists of 48 credits (16 courses). It is open to students from any field of academic study. If you have a bachelor’s degree in business, your MBA program will be 36 credit (12 courses) and you will be waived from taking the four foundation courses.

    MBA Foundation Courses (3 credits each) – waived if you have a bachelor’s degree in business
    MBA 562 Foundations of Marketing
    MBA 563 Finance for Managers
    MBA 564 Decision Analytics
    MBA 565 Foundations of Accounting
  • MBA Functional Courses (3 credits each)
    MBA 600 Business Ethics
    MBA 601 Human and Organizational Behavior
    MBA 602 Marketing Strategy Development
    MBA 603 Financial Strategy Development
    MBA 604 Operations Strategy Development
    MBA 605 Accounting Decisions for Managers
  • Electives (5 courses, or 6 if not required to take MBA 605 – 3 credits each)

    Electives — from MBA700-999 (excluding MBA800)
    As an option, four of these electives may be used to satisfy the requirements for a Concentration.

    View Optional Concentrations

  • Integrative Experience – Capstone (1 course) (3 credits)
    MBA 800 Business Strategy


Michael S. Lewis, Ph.D.
Program Director Department Chair, Management and Accounting MBA Director Assistant Professor of Management
Nadeesha H. Bandara, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Philip A. Benvenuti
Lecturer, MBA and Undergraduate Business Programs
Paul Chase
Lecturer, MBA and Undergraduate Business Programs
Zachary Jeremy Daniels
Associate Professor of Practice, Mgmt, Mktg, Org Comm
Ledia Dilo
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Susan Eramo
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Otto Kunz
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Joseph Meichelbeck
Lecturer, MBA Programs
James Monette
Lecturer, MBA Programs
J. Bart Morrison, DBA
Associate Professor of Management
Brett Murphy Hunt, EdD
Lecturer, MBA Program
Jennifer Niece, CPA, MBA
Lecturer, MBA and Undergraduate Business Programs
Kristen P. Quinn, MSA
Associate Professor of Practice, Accounting
Carol Richmond
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Tyler Wasson
Assistant Professor of Management
Christopher Webber
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Stephen Willand
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Jessica Zinger
Lecturer, MBA Programs

Graduate Admission Events and Ways to Connect With Us

We invite you to learn more about our graduate programs - either through a visit to campus, attending an information session or by scheduling a phone or virtual conversation with an admissions team member or one of our program directors.

Admissions Requirements

General Graduate Studies Admissions Requirements

  • Graduate Application
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Official Transcript(s)
  • Personal Statement
  • Current Resume
  • TOEFL or IELTS for applicants whose native language is not English (Please note: This program is fully online therefore International students can only apply if they plan to take the program from their home country. Online programs are not eligible for the F1 Student Visa.)

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Part-Time MBA Specific Requirements

GMAT Scores: The GMAT is not required. Personal Statement The Admissions Committee will consider the match between your professional interests and Assumption’s program offerings. We recommend that you give considerable thought to the content of your essay as it is an important part of the evaluation process. Success in the MBA program and in the field requires high levels of responsibility, integrity, and interpersonal skill, as well as mastery of theory and research methodology. We are seeking candidates who have thought deeply about their reasons to pursue an advanced degree in business. We encourage you to reflect this thought and to describe your preparation thoroughly in the essay you submit.  Your personal statement should answer each of the following questions:
  1. Describe the academic preparation and skills that you have that you believe qualify you for the rigorous training involved in our master's program in Business.
  2. Describe what you hope to accomplish academically during your graduate program and the career goals you have for yourself. Focusing on the actual job you would like to have five years after completing your graduate study will bring specificity to your essay.
  3. Describe your strengths and other qualities that you see as essential to be successful in business.
Recommendation Letters (3): Submit three recommendations from individuals in a position to assess your potential performance in an MBA program. At least one, and preferably more of these references, should be from former professors or other academics. Only letters that are academic or professional in nature will be considered. Recommendations may be submitted using the recommendation form. References from friends, relatives, or peers/colleagues at work are generally not helpful to the Admissions Committee. Multiple references from the same employer are also discouraged. If you are relying on work references because of the unavailability of academic references, anyone you ask to complete a reference should focus directly on your ability to meet the demands of a graduate program in business, and not merely report on your employment. Tuition & Financial Aid

Graduate Research Symposium

Assumption University Graduate School Annual Symposium showcases research, innovative projects, successful case study, and creative work of graduate students and recent alums from every graduate program. We offer all graduate students in every program an opportunity to present their excellent work on diverse topics.

Veterans at Assumption

Assumption University recognizes that servicemen and women have demonstrated great courage and made tremendous sacrifices in service to our nation and its people. The University has introduced a number of programs and services to assist veterans during the application process and while veterans are attending Assumption. We also have a lounge designated only for our veteran students. Assumption University is committed to maintaining recognition as a Military Friendly institution.  We strive to eliminate barriers to success for our Service Members, Veterans, and their qualified dependents.


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