Assumption University students

The most important aspects of an Assumption education—forming the whole person, seeking truth, launching graduates into lives of meaning and purpose rooted in the principles of Catholic liberal learning—can’t be measured solely with numbers. But the education we provide does lead to many successes that can be quantified.

Here are some.


First-Year Students Enter Date Percent that Return the Following Fall
Fall 2022 83.5%
Fall 2021 82.7%
Fall 2020 82.1%
Fall 2019 83.1%
Fall 2018 84.5%

Source: National Center for Education Statistics IPEDS Fall Enrollment Survey

Graduation Rates

Students who begin at Assumption

First-Year Students Entering In: Graduating in 4 Years or Less Graduating in 6 Years or Less
Fall 2019 67.7% N/A
Fall 2018 70.2% N/A
Fall 2017 71.3% 74.6%
Fall 2016 69.5% 72.0%
Fall 2015 68.6% 71.4%

Source: Institutional data, National Center for Education Statistics IPEDS Fall Graduation Rate Survey

Students Who Transfer to Assumption

Transfer Students by Class Year* Graduating with Class Year Graduating Within Two Years After Class Year
2023 55.1% N/A
2022 69.5% N/A
2021 72.5% 78.4%
2020 50.0% 61.1%
2019 65.9% 77.3%

*The class year assigned to transfer students when they enroll at Assumption University; the assigned year reflects the “normal” time for these students to complete their degree, after taking transferred credits into account

Source: Institutional Data

Almost all Assumption University graduates complete their degree in four years or less

First-Year Students Entering In Percent of Graduates who Complete their Degrees in Four Years or Less
Fall 2018 92.9%
Fall 2017 95.6%
Fall 2016 94.1%
Fall 2015 96.1%
Fall 2014 95.7%

Source: Institutional Data

Post-graduation Outcomes, 2020-2023

Post Graduation Outcomes






Source: Assumption University annual first destinations survey, six months post-graduation

Licensure Passage Rates, 2021-2023

Licensure Passage Rates for Assumption University, 2020-2022









Source: Institutional data