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Brenda Hunt standing outside Tsotsis.
“As a first-generation graduate, I needed someone. Growing up in the inner city of Detroit was not easy. However, my family always encouraged me to pursue my education, including college.  As a first-generation graduate, I was fortunate to have mentors and educators who saw my gifts and talents, even when I didn’t, and I made it out. Here at Assumption, I have the privilege of paying it forward. I have dedicated my career to being ‘that person’ for students like me so they know they are never alone, especially during some of their most vulnerable times. I value being able to show up authentically (and often in sneakers) to encourage students to lead with their hearts, engage with a sense of wonder as they create, and see themselves as scholars as they pursue the truth, their truth. This was the position I prayed for… I always knew I was meant to do this. I am where I am supposed to be. Helping students of color and first-generation college students like me find their way and a sense of belonging.”

Brenda Hunt
Director for ALANA and First Generation Student Success

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