Health Education & Promotion

Health education for the campus community is provided by a Peers Advocating Wellness for Students (PAWS) - a student-led peer health education program.

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy Choices

Professional SHS staff and peer educators in PAWS collaborate to create a healthier environment at Assumption.


  • Information and resources on a variety of health topics such as nutrition, physical activity, social health, healthy relationships, stress management, sexual violence and sleep management.
  • Addressing the most critical prevention needs of students
  • Advocating for policy, procedural and environmental changes that benefit the campus community
  • Educational programs in classrooms and around the campus
  • Coordinating campus-wide health promotion activities in collaboration with other departments.

Peers Advocating Wellness for Students

PAWS are passionate and responsible student leaders who extend health and wellness education beyond the walls of the SHS office. PAWS encourage students to develop the tools needed to lead a healthy lifestyle. They also encourage students to think critically about college health issues by raising questions, facilitating discussion and sharing information.

PAWS receive training and national certification so they can provide facts and resources on health-related topics such as social health, mental health, stress, sleep management, healthy relationships, sexual violence, physical activity, and nutrition. They do this in a positive, interactive, fun and non-judgmental manner.

PAWS Activities

  • Provide one-on-one conversations with fellow students who have wellness-related questions.
  • Lead and sponsor educational programming for students.
  • Disseminate accurate health information on campus.
  • Provide referrals to on- and off-campus services.