Student Health Services

Assumption University offers an array of health services which are included in tuition and fees.

Licensed, certified Nurse Practitioners assess and treat health problems of full-time students. Services offered by Student Health Services (SHS) are covered by tuition and fees. You do not need to purchase the school health insurance plan in order to receive care.

Routine visits to SHS are free for full-time students. Additional costs for certain services may apply, and are charged to the student’s health insurance. Services that are generally charged to your insurance include:

  • Pharmacy prescriptions
  • Lab services
  • X-ray and radiology services

Clinic visits at SHS are by appointment, and most appointments can be arranged within one business day. Appointments can be made by calling the office at 508-767-7329. 

Annual physical exams and immunizations are not available through SHS. Students obtain those services through their Primary Care Provider outside of school.

All clinical services are strictly confidential.

Please see below for more information about:

  • Off-Site Health Services
  • Emergency Services and Off-Campus Care
  • Important Information and Forms for Accepted Students
  • Health Services Staff

Health Services Resources

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