Meet your Admission Counselor

William MortimerAssumption is a welcoming community eager to support you in your journey and throughout the application process. As you begin your college search, one of the first parts of the process is getting to know your personal admission counselor.

Assumption's admission team is excited to meet high school students looking to attend college. Each counselor travels to different parts of the country (virtually and in person!) to meet with students and school counselors. Most of the time, the person you meet at a college fair or high school visit is the person who will read your application.

Since you share so much with us throughout the admission process, we thought we'd share a little bit about ourselves with you. An interesting fact about me is that I moved from Wisconsin to work at Assumption!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We're eager to get to know you and work together during this new chapter in your life!

William Mortimer
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management

Shanell CartagenaShanell Cartagena
Associate Director of Admission

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Territory: Worcester, Shrewsbury and Auburn, Massachusetts; District of Columbia; Maryland; Virginia; Pennsylvania; Ohio; Puerto Rico; American Samoa; Virgin Islands; Guam; North, Central, and South America; the Caribbean; Middle East. 

Where are you from? Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Education: B.A. in International Business and Economics and MBA from Assumption University (formerly Assumption College)

Why did you choose to work at Assumption University? As an Assumption alumna, I automatically felt part of the community even going through the application process in my home country, the Dominican Republic. I want students from all over the world to know everything that Assumption has to offer. 

What inspired you to work with students? As a former international student, I understand the complexity of researching, applying to, and selecting an institution that will be the "right fit" academically and socially. I enjoy helping students through the college search process.

What is your favorite restaurant in Worcester? Bocado Tapas! I love their paella. 

Fun fact about yourself: An interesting fact about me is that I’ve been to 21 countries; I've served in four of them as a volunteer and have worked in three!

Brother Richard GanonBro. Richard Gagnon, AA
Transfer Counselor

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Territory: All transfer students from U.S. and International

Where are you from? Born in Portland, Maine, and raised in Saco, Maine. I’m still a Mainer all the way, although I haven’t lived there for many years.

Education: B.A. from St. Francis College of the University of New England in Secondary Education and Foreign Languages, M.Ed. from Boston College in Education and Theology

Why did you choose to work at Assumption University? Assumption is the realization of our founder's dream for a Catholic university and continues to be sponsored by the Augustinians of the Assumption.  It is an important, motivating ministry for the entire order.

What is your favorite restaurant in Worcester? Since I love Italian food, I’ll say VIA.

Fun fact about yourself: As an Augustinian of the Assumption, I have lived in 5 different states and 2 foreign countries

Anastasia HagerstromAnastasia Hagerstrom
Associate Director of Admission

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Territory: Rhode Island; Massachusetts (Bristol County); Connecticut (New London)

Where are you from? Maybrook, NY

Education: B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Rhode Island and a M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University

Why did you choose to work at Assumption University? I wanted to work at an institution that values its students, provides countless opportunities, and believes in enriching society with well-rounded educated graduates.  Assumption does all those things and more! I feel lucky to be a part of such a special and unique community.

What inspired you to work with students? As a first-generation college student, I found navigating the college search process and transitioning to college to be very overwhelming experiences. I was lucky enough to have support and guidance from family, friends and mentors in my life. I quickly discovered, through my college opportunities, that working with students and their families was a way to combine my love of helping others and my passion for education. 

What is your favorite sports team? As a native New Yorker, the Yankees and Giants of course!

Fun fact about yourself: I’ve been to 17 out of the 30 Major League Baseball stadiums (with plans to finish them all by 2021) and I’ve swam with manatees (my favorite animal)! 

Alison KoningAlison Koning
Admissions Counselor

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Territory: Middlesex County (Massachusetts); California; Florida

Where are you from? Carlisle, MA

Education: BSBA in Sports Management with a Concentration in Marketing and a Master of Science in Management with a Concentration in Sports Leadership from Mount Ida College

What inspired you to work with students? I enjoy counseling students on to the next phase of their educational career. I always had someone there to guide me and I enjoy being that person for others.

What is your favorite restaurant in Worcester? Corner Grill – The Caesar Salad Pizza is awesome!

Why did you choose to work at Assumption University? I loved the best of both worlds feel that the campus provides. You are set back on a beautiful suburban campus but, you are minutes from the second largest city in Massachusetts which provides students a lot of opportunity.

What is your favorite thing about Assumption? I love the school pride and the community feel. I also love how involved students are in clubs, intramurals, athletics and organizations.

Daniel MacelveenDaniel MacElveen
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

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Territory: Massachusetts (Suffolk); Massachusetts (Essex); New York (Orange, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Westchester); Asia; Europe; Oceania; Africa; Direct Entry Nursing Applicants

Where are you from? Poughkeepsie, NY

Education: BA in Sociology from Hartwick College

Why did you choose to work at Assumption University? My brother worked here before me and he always told me how amazing the community is; how dedicated the faculty are; and how Assumption truly cares about the individual. These attributes are important to me and are ideals that I believe in.

What is your favorite sports team? The Giants, sorry New England!

What is your favorite thing about Assumption? The Community is so special here. The atmosphere is very friendly and open so you will never feel like an outsider.

Fun fact about yourself: I can walk on my hands longer than most people can on their feet!

Mike PerronMike Perron
Assistant Director of Admissions

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Territory: Worcester County

Where are you from? Worcester, Massachusetts

Education: B.A. from Assumption in Psychology; M.A. from Assumption in Counseling Psychology; C.A.G.S. from Worcester State University in Educational Leadership and Administration

What inspired you to work with students? I began my career working as a guidance counselor and guidance director for more than 35 years. I have always had an interest in helping high school students think about and plan for their futures.

What is your favorite book? My favorite book is actually a trilogy written by Edmund Morris about Teddy Roosevelt’s life.  I like it because Roosevelt was a larger than life, fascinating, dynamic character and leader.

What is your favorite restaurant in Worcester? This is a tough one because there are many good restaurants in Worcester, but 111 Chop House, Café Nuevo, Sole Proprietor and O’Connors are my top choices.

Fun fact about yourself: I am a charter member of Assumption’s first football team (1967).