Ever Ancient, Ever New: Refounding Assumption

The new strategic plan embodies an ambitious vision for the institution.

Paving the way for the future of Assumption, for a refounding that is in continuity with its past and its rich heritage.

This courageous and innovative plan, which reflects the collective ideas of the community, charts a direction for the University that remains firm in its commitment to its mission, but unlike previous plans, seeks to take full advantage of the opportunities for institutions with a long and storied history such as Assumption. In this plan, we are conscious of challenging external factors and the significant impact the coronavirus has had, and will continue to have, on higher education, requiring an openness to operating in new ways without sacrificing what makes us who we are.


An institution sponsored by the Augustinians of Assumption, the new strategic plan is inspired by the vision of St. Augustine of Hippo and his journey of self-discovery, a rich inspiration for us in our mission to educate the whole person. Upon completing his journey of restless reflection, Augustine discovered what he was seeking all along, “Late have I loved you, beauty ever ancient, ever new!” (Confessions, Book X) Similar to the journey taken by Augustine, Assumption has embarked upon its own journey of exploration since its founding in 1904. Since then, at critical moments in this journey, Assumption had the foresight and courage to “refound” itself. Today we are on the threshold of another moment of refounding, recognizing that while much has changed educationally, physically and structurally, the fundamental principles of our mission remain.

This plan paves the way for the future of Assumption, for a refounding that is in continuity with its past and its rich heritage. By refounding in a way that is in continuity with its past, an institution keeps its soul and its direction. It remains distinctive, set apart from institutions lacking a sure sense of identity. This plan is about being distinctive, about planning for a future for Assumption that is open to a new way of being who we are, a way that integrates the past with the present and points to a vibrant and strong future for the university. This has characterized our history as an institution that is “Ever Ancient, Ever New.”

Overview of the Strategic Plan

The Five Specific Focus Areas

A group of Assumption University students using one of several study rooms in the d'Alzon Library on campus.


Assumption University will strengthen the articulation, integration, and engagement of our shared educational mission across every area of the University.

Assumption University students enjoy a study break in the d'Alzon Library.

Student Success & Engagement

Assumption University will foster a culture of student success to promote student satisfaction and engagement

Assumption University students in a state-of-the-art classroom in the Tsotsis Family Academic Center.

Program Innovation

Assumption University will foster innovation and excellence in academic and student programs.

A group of Assumption University students walks by the Tsotsis Family Academic Center, an academic building on campus.

Enhance Enrollment

Assumption University will enhance enrollment through strategic recruitment reflective of mission and market conditions.

Assumption students studying at the University's Rome Campus spend some free time outside of the Pantheon in Piazza della Rotonda

Financial Sustainability & Careful Stewardship

Assumption University will ensure the financial sustainability of the institution through careful stewardship of assets and the growth/ diversification of revenue streams.