Assumption students selecting from a variety of delicious food at Taylor Dining Hall.

An Array of Dining Options

Taylor Dining Hall is the primary dining facility on campus and features a new menu each day as well as a deli, pasta bar, salad bar and grill. Charlie’s Snack Bar is a popular destination for students featuring a deli, grill, salad bar and stir-fry station. 

There are a number of options for students who have adopted a vegan lifestyle or those with food allergies.

If you are one of the 3 million under the age of 18 with a food allergy, Assumption is prepared to ensure that you, too, can enjoy meals with your friends. Taylor also features “Simple Servings” a station that serves food free of the most common allergens: peanuts, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, soy, milk products and eggs. For students with food allergies, Taylor provides a number of options for those with dietary restrictions. The dining hall also features an area accessible only by card swipe that offers a number of other dining options including a dedicated microwave, waffle iron and more.

Taylor Dining Hall includes two salad bars; one that permits students to create their own salad and the Simple Servings salad bar where staff prepare the salad so that cross-contamination does not occur. We’ve even lowered the salad bar’s glass partition by four inches to prevent students from reaching beneath and contaminating the allergen-free food.

Hours, Daily Menus, Meal Plan Details

For more information on the various meal plans offered at Assumption, as well as hours of operation at Taylor Dining Hall, Charlie’s Snack Bar, and Caribou Coffee, visit the link below.

students in dining hall

Taylor Dining Hall

Our main dining hall provides students with delicious cuisine for all meal and snack times with a rotating daily menu.

Charlie’s Snack Bar

Located in the Hagan Campus Center, Charlie’s offers a variety of made-to-order and grab and go meals from lunch to dinner.

Students waiting in line at Caribou Coffe

Caribou Café

Offering options from early morning coffee to grab and go sandwiches for lunch, Caribou is our all-day café.

Allergen-free Dining

Have a food allergy or special dietary need?

No worries. There are still many dining options available for you. Taylor Dining Hall offers Simple Servings, a food service station that will allow you to order allergen-safe meals free from peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, wheat, soy, milk products, eggs, and gluten-containing ingredients. The MyZone allergen-friendly area, accessible by card swipe, in Taylor also has dedicated appliances to reduce risk of cross-contamination. For more information, you can contact dining services directly at