Study Abroad

Assumption University students are globetrotters.

They’ve studied in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, and Africa. Some have been awarded prestigious Fulbright Scholarships, which empower new graduates to spend between 9 and 10 months in a foreign country implementing a research project or teaching English while studying part-time and traveling in the host country and surrounding areas. 

The benefits of studying abroad:

  • Broaden your undergraduate education with an international perspective
  • Gain a deeper, richer understanding of global cultures
  • Making lifelong memories as you become a true citizen of the world

Assumption University offers you a number of options and opportunities to immerse yourself in another culture. 

Hear from Hounds

Photos of Cassidy O'Hara '24. Spending her spring semester 2023 studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, interning at SDN Children's Services.
“Studying abroad in Australia with the help of Assumption is one of the best decisions that I have made in my college career. The opportunity to explore Marketing from a global perspective through my studies at the University of Sydney has enabled me to adapt my learning abilities to new environments, exchange my knowledge with other students from Australia and around the world, and to expand upon my skills through hands-on experience in the Australian work force.”

Cassidy O’Hara
Marketing ’24

“A semester in Rome is much different than a semester in Worcester. I think in Rome we had the opportunity to have more independence. One thing that I really loved about studying in Rome was that the city is really your classroom. So on Monday we would learn about a painting or a sculpture, for example, and then on Wednesday we would go to a museum and get to see that very painting or sculpture that we were talking about.”

Anna Mullen
Psychology ‘23

Female student in Italy with a river behind her

Assumption’s Rome Campus

Learn more about Assumption University’s Rome Campus, which has been named one of the 10 Best Study Abroad Programs in America. 

Two female students smiling in Rome.

More Information About Studying Abroad

  • Why study abroad?
    The reasons for studying abroad are as varied as the students who choose this academic adventure. Whether through Assumption’s Rome Campus, semester study abroad, short-term or co-curricular travel, experiencing a different culture first hand not only enriches students’ undergraduate years; it can transform their entire lives.

    • See the world from a fresh, new perspective
    • Gain a deeper richer understanding of your own cultural identity
    • Become true citizens of the world

    Is study abroad required?

    Students majoring in foreign language, global studies, or international business are encouraged to study abroad (though not required).

    Who can participate?
    Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA at the time of application, be in good judicial standing, and be mature and resourceful enough to adapt to a foreign environment.

    Students with a stellar GPA might consider going to Oxford or Cambridge University for a semester, or a year. Please note: deadlines are early for Oxford and Cambridge.


    Do I need to know another language to study abroad?
    A student does not have to be proficient in the language of the country in which s/he wishes to study. Some programs permit a student to begin language study; other programs offer language immersion for those students who are familiar with the language.


    Is it expensive to study abroad?
    That depends. Studying abroad can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you make it. However, Assumption University is so committed to supporting study abroad that we apply your financial aid to your study abroad.

    Overall, factors to consider are program type, your status as an in-state or out-of-state student and the cost of living in the place where you will study. The single biggest factor is usually how much independent travel you do on weekends and breaks.


    How do I pay for my semester or year abroad?
    Assumption University will bill you for home tuition and the standard room and board fee, applying to that bill all financial aid that would have applied to a semester at home, whether federal, private, or Assumption scholarship funds.  The University will pay your provider’s bill. If you opt for a program that is more expensive than a home semester, you will need to pay that difference.

    You will be charged a $1,090 Study Abroad Fee for each semester you are abroad, as well as the $162 Student Activities fee and $188 Technology fee. Tuition Exchange and Work/Study, do NOT apply to study abroad. Students with Tuition Remission are eligible for one semester’s study abroad experience, with remission in effect.


    Am I billed by Assumption University?
    Yes, you will receive a bill from Assumption University for home tuition, and standard room and board, as well as a study abroad fee of $1,090, $162 Student Activities fee and $188 Technology fee. If you opt for a program that is more expensive than Assumption, you will need to pay that difference. All financial aid that would have applied to a semester at home, applies to the study abroad semester.


    Which Financial Aid can be used while studying abroad?
    Your eligibility for financial aid will be determined by the financial aid office. It is recommended that you contact your financial aid advisor to determine what grants, scholarships, and loans are available. Please note that Tuition Exchange and Federal Work Study are not transferable for the study abroad program. Tuition Remission will be granted for one semester only. If you study at the University’s campus in Rome, Italy, your financial aid will follow you to Rome.


    Will my classes transfer back to Assumption?
    Yes. Credits are approved as elective, major, minor, or General Education credit. However, you should begin working with the appropriate Department Chairperson well in advance of going abroad and must secure course approvals to make this go smoothly.


    I have heard that 50% of my coursework must be taken at Assumption and that there is a limit of 4 off-campus courses allowed to earn an Assumption degree. How does this affect study abroad?
    Study abroad is considered a special program and therefore courses taken abroad will not be considered “off-campus” courses.


    If I study abroad will I still graduate on time?
    You should. We work hard to make sure that taking part in one of our programs will not delay your graduation. With reasonable planning, any Assumption student can have a great international experience and still graduate on time.


    Where have Assumption students gone?
    Assumption University students have studied abroad on six continents and more than 20 countries. Some of the most frequently visited sites include:

    • Tokyo
    • Sydney or Melbourne
    • Madrid or Barcelona
    • Rome or Florence
    • London
    • Paris
    • Dublin
    • Costa Rica
    • The Semester at Sea program, which includes stops in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Turkey and Croatia


    Where will I live?
    Housing options vary by program. Typically students choose between dormitories, shared apartments or homestays with local families.


    Can I work while I am abroad?

    This depends on the flexibility of your visa. Check with the consulate of your host country to be sure.

    • January 5: Oxford/Cambridge spring, fall, or year-long programs
    • February 15: All summer programs
    • March 15: Fall semester or Global year-long programs
    • April 15: Fall Rome
    • October 1: Spring semester Global
    • November 1: Spring Semester Rome
  • At Assumption University, we seek to understand and engage with the world around us in multiple ways, inside and outside the classroom. The Center for Global Studies at Assumption is designed to coordinate and facilitate the global initiatives of students, faculty and staff. It brings together an academic program – the Global Studies major and minor – with three important internationally-focused co-curricular programs: Study abroad and international student advising, the University’s partnership with Catholic Relief Services, the world’s largest humanitarian agency, and advising for the students applying to international post-graduate scholarships such as the Fulbright. The Center strengthens and deepens the connections between these programs, enhancing Assumption’s mission to create thoughtful, ethical global citizens and leaders.

  • Questions about study abroad programs at Assumption? Contact Eloise Knowlton, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs: