Physician Assistant Studies

A developing 28 month, 7 consecutive semester Physician Assistant program culminating in a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies degree.

Physician Assistant Studies

Program Tracks Available

On campus

Admission Deadline

For the cohort January 2021:
CASPA applications open: May 1, 2020
Applications must be completed and verified by CASPA by November 1, 2020

For the cohort January 2022:
CASPA applications open: November 2, 2020
Applications must be completed and verified by CASPA by November 1, 2021

Degrees Offered



School of Health Professions


Program Contact

Meghan Sweeney

Graduate Admissions Counselor
508-767-7511 Admissions House - Room 213

Michael Whitehead, DHSc, PA-C, DFAAPA

Dean, School of Health Professions / Founding PA Program Director

Wendy Cehon

Program Staff, School of Health Professions
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Program Information


Career Paths

Graduate PAs work in virtually every medical specialty. Common practice settings are:



Emergency Medicine

Family Practice


Inpatient Internal Medicine (Hospitalist - Including Critical Care)

Outpatient Internal Medicine




Urgent Care

Admission Requirements

Application and Interview Process

Candidates may apply to the program through CASPA now for the cohort beginning in January 2021. Applications for the January cohort must be completed and verified by CASPA and received by the program by November 1, 2020. Please note that CASPA applications most often do not transmit to the Assumption PA program until verification via the CASPA processes. Any applications that are completed, verified, and transmitted to the program by CASPA after November 1, 2020 will be considered for the cohort beginning in January 2022. 

Once the application reaches our campus, CASPA applications will be screened to ensure the application is complete and that all prerequisites have been met. 

A rubric and point scoring system (total of 100 points - 50 are pre-interview and 50 are for the interview) will be used by the program to further evaluate qualified candidates. Applicants who are current Assumption University students or graduates will receive 5 additional points on the rubric. Applicants who have served honorably in the US military services also receive 5 additional points. These points are added to the scores received on the 100 point scale. Areas that receive scores on the pre-interview evaluation include: overall GPA, science GPA, prerequisite GPA, health care experience level and hours, CASPA essay, letters of reference, and service. The program awards more points for applicants with highers GPAs, higher-level patient care experience, and more hours of experience. 

After review of the applications, the Admissions Committee decides which applicants will be selected for an interview. The program has an agreement with Clark University for an expedited interview based on verification of prerequisites and a formal letter of recommendation from a health professions committee. No additional points are given for that group of applicants and no guarantees of admission are granted for those applicants. 

Applicants will be informed of their interview status on a rolling basis. The program expects to start interviews for the 2021 class in July 2020. The interview day activities will also be scored, based on the events of the day. No group or individual receives additional points from the interview process beyond what is earned that day. Interviewees can expect the interview process to last an entire day.

After each interview day session, the Admissions Committee will review the scoring of both components and discuss each candidate. The point system serves as a guideline for decision making, but is not the only determinant. Decisions will result in one of three categories: accept, active list, or deny. 

Acceptance to the program will be on a rolling basis. The active list is where the program places qualified candidates for consideration at a later date. Candidates may be moved to the accepted category at any time. Once all interviews and reviews have been completed and the available seats filled, a waiting list will be established and candidates will be informed of their status.

Any acceptance of a candidate prior to the granting of the status of Accreditation-Provisional by the ARC-PA will be conditional upon the accreditation decision. In the event of the program not being accredited, the program will not matriculate any students, and any seat deposit will be refunded in total to the candidate.


Admissions Requirements


To be considered for acceptance to the master’s program, you must have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited US or Canadian institution
  • Minimum Overall GPA 3.0/4
  • Minimum Prerequisite GPA 3.2/4
  • Minimum of 500 hours of verifiable direct patient care
  • Successful completion of all prerequisite courses

CASPA Application Requirements:

  • Completed Application
  • Three letters of recommendation are required (maximum of 5 allowed)
  • Official Transcript(s)
  • Essay
  • Patient Care Experience
  • Supporting Materials
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Top 5 Reasons to Become a Physician Assistant

More and more, students are choosing to pursue Physician Assistant Studies programs in lieu of attending medical school. And for good reason. Physician assistant is ranked the No. 3 career in America by U.S. News & World Report. Learn more about the top 5 reasons you may want to become one.

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University Breaks Ground on Health Sciences Building

The new, 41,000-square foot building will feature four classrooms, one for 32 students, two for 48 and a large tiered classroom for 50. These classrooms will not only be used exclusively for the nursing and physician assistant program, rather all academic programs on campus. Each classroom will be fully equipped with a recording system for simulations that will be used during debriefings.

The physician assistant floor will feature a practice lab with 11 exam tables for teaching how to properly diagnosis a condition. Two simulation labs, comparable to the nursing floor, complement four Objective Structured Clinical Examination rooms where live ‘patient-actors’ will dictate a script of medical maladies to teach students how to take a medical history, diagnose a patient and perform a physical exam. The clinical lab space also will serve as a learning environment for clinical procedures, such as suturing and interventional skills. The program will welcome its first cohort of students in January 2021. 

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BA/Physician Assistant MS Dual Degree Program

Assumption’s dual degree program is a four-year undergraduate program in which students can pursue any major, followed by a 28-month Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program. Students applying to Assumption as an undergraduate can simultaneously apply to the Physician Assistant Master’s program with one application. Learn more about the dual degree program.

PA Faculty Trade the Classroom for Emergency Rooms and ICUs

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Assumption physician assistant faculty members answered a call to serve by treating those infected with the virus in Worcester-area intensive care units.

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