MBA CPA Track Programs (Accelerated and Part-time)

In comparison to an accounting-focused MSA degree, the wide scope of expertise provided across all business functional areas by the CPA Track MBA Programs will help you build a stronger foundation for understanding all aspects of clients' businesses in order to make value-added recommendations.

TestMichael Lewis, Ph.D. Director

Our MBA programs in accounting are different than most graduate accounting programs. Because our program is an MBA, you will develop advanced business and leadership skills in addition to receiving an advanced accounting education.

We believe this approach will make you more valuable and well-rounded. Our curriculum is designed to ensure you are equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful business leader and meet the requirements for the CPA. We have two MBA in Accounting programs. Both focused on the CPA and advanced business and leadership skills. Our Accelerated MBA in Accounting is tailored for recent college graduates in accounting. It is a full-time program designed to be completed in 12-14 months. Our part-time MBA in accounting is designed for working professionals with the flexibility and pace that works best for you. Both programs meet the educational requirements for the CPA. Both provide an opportunity to take a CPA exam review as part of the program, and both incorporate a professional experience component that utilizes your internship or full-time job as part of your educational experience. Our faculty are experienced teachers and seasoned professionals dedicated to helping you develop the skills you need to become a successful accountant and business leader. By joining our MBA in accounting program, you will become part of a community of peers, faculty, and staff who will support and challenge you. This transformative learning experience will support your accounting career and help you for broader leadership roles. Thank you for your interest in our MBA program, and I look forward to you becoming part of the Grenon School of Business graduate community.

Graduate Virtual Information Sessions

MBA CPA Track Programs (Accelerated and Part-time) Program Contact

Susan M. Cahill

Sr. Associate Director of Post-Bachelor and Graduate Admissions
508-767-7365 Admissions House - Room 205

Michael S. Lewis, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Management and Accounting, MBA Director, Assistant Professor of Management
508-767-7372 Tsotsis Family Academic Center - Room 346

Shelley Walsh

Student Service Representative
508-767-7426 Tsotsis Family Academic Center - Room 338

An Ideal Place to Learn

CPA Exam Prep until you pass the CPA exam
Accelerated 14-month Program
Small class sizes

CPA MBA Tracks

    • Ethical leadership skills that enable graduates to develop principled approaches to inspiring, influencing, and guiding others;
    • An in-depth understanding of the concepts and theories, as well as technical and professional skills in the “core” areas of business;
    • Critical thinking and communication skills that enable graduates to develop and articulate logical, coherent, and persuasive arguments; marshal supportive evidence; and distinguish fact from opinion;
    • Integration skills that enable graduates to make decisions based on multiple, often conflicting, perspectives; and
    • A global perspective that enables graduates to identify, analyze and practice how best to manage when faced with difference.
  • 36 Credits

    First Summer
    MBA 761 CPA Exam Review
    MBA 750 Professional Practice & Mentoring
    MBA 600 OR 602, OR 603 Titles below
    MBA 600 Business Ethics
    MBA 602 Marketing Decision Analysis
    MBA 603 Financial Decision Analysis
    Take the two above courses not taken during the first summer.
    MBA 702 Ethics & Prof. Responsibilities For Accountants
    MBA 762 Advanced Business Law
    MBA 763 OR

    MBA 764 & MBA 729

    Professional Experience in Accounting

    Volunteer Income Tax Assistance AND Technical & Professional Communications

    MBA 601 Human & Organizational Behavior
    Second Summer
    MBA 770 Ethical Leadership
    MBA 800 Business Strategy
  • 36 Credits

    MBA Core Requirements
    MBA 600 Business Ethics
    MBA 601 Human and Organizational Behavior
    MBA 602 Marketing Decision Analysis
    MBA 603 Financial Decision Analysis
    MBA 800 Business Strategy
    Experiential Requirement
    MBA 763 Professional Experience in Accounting: Online seminar while working full-time during “busy season”
    Elective Requirements (Choose 4)
    MBA 700 Advanced Managerial Accounting
    MBA 701 Internal and Operational Auditing
    MBA 702 Ethics & Professional Responsibilities for Accountants
    MBA 703 Financial Aspects of Mergers
    MBA 704 Tax Concepts for Managers
    MBA 705 Corporate Financial Reporting
    MBA 729 Technical and Professional Communications
    MBA 761 CPA Exam Review
    MBA 762 Advanced Business Law
    MBA 764 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
    MBA 765 Issues in Fraud Examination
Zachary Jeremy Daniels
Associate Professor of Practice, Mgmt, Mktg, Org Comm
Ledia Dilo
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Susan Eramo
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Joseph Meichelbeck
Lecturer, MBA Programs
James Monette
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Brett Murphy Hunt, EdD
Lecturer, MBA Program
Jennifer Niece, CPA, MBA
Lecturer, MBA and Undergraduate Business Programs
Kristen P. Quinn, MSA
Associate Professor of Practice, Accounting
Carol Richmond
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Christopher Webber
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Stephen Willand
Lecturer, MBA Programs
Jessica Zinger
Lecturer, MBA Programs

Pathways to Success

The following are examples of firms where CPA Track MBA graduates have secured employment:



DiCicco, Gulman & Co. LLP

Ernst & Young

Gray, Gray & Gray, LLP

Marcum, LLP

O’Connor & Drew, P.C.


Graduate Admission Events and Ways to Connect With Us

We invite you to learn more about our graduate programs - either through a visit to campus, attending an information session or by scheduling a phone or virtual conversation with an admissions team member or one of our program directors.

Admission Requirements


  • In order to apply, you must have an undergraduate degree in Accounting.
  • This program is only available to domestic students.

Application Requirements

  • Graduate Application
  • Official College Transcripts, undergraduate and graduate
  • Three Letters of Recommendation – academic and/or professional
  • Current Resume
  • Personal Statement

Assumption undergraduate students:

You can apply to the MBA CPA Track program during the spring of your junior year and receive permission to take two MBA courses during your senior year, preferably one during the fall and one during the spring. (Note that students have the option to  take both during the spring semester.) Special Fast Track Consideration for Assumption students: If your GPA is a 3.2 or above, then you just need to complete the online application and request that a transcript be sent to the Office of Graduate Studies. Once the transcript is received and GPA confirmed, all of the other application requirements (resume, personal statement, and recommendations) will be waived. Tuition & Financial Aid

An Affordable Program

Assumption is proud to offer high-quality programs at a competitive cost.

Why the CPA Track MBA Programs at Assumption?

  • Learn from a highly credentialed faculty with real-world industry experience and networks
  • Develop ethical leadership skills
  • Build invaluable critical thinking and communication skills
  • Benefit from access to CPA exam preparation resources, until you pass
  • Choose from flexible on-campus and online learning options
  • Loyal alumni network

The Career Development & Internship Center (CDIC)

The Career Development & Internship Center (CDIC) is here to help Accelerated MBA students build the skills and experience they will need for a successful and meaningful career. The Career Development & Internship Center can help Assumption’s Accelerated MBA students to:
  • Develop and refine their resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Find and pursue internship and employment opportunities
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Provide valuable career resources to assist in the internship and career search
  • Network with alumni and local business professionals through career events
Accelerated MBA students can email the CDIC or call 508-767-7227 to set up an appointment.

Accelerated BA/MBA Dual Degree Program

Apply as a high school senior into the dual degree program with one application and benefit from being considered for a $2,500 Assumption Business Leader Scholarship (per year for 5 years), special programming, and the ability to take up to two MBA courses during your senior year. We offer three MBA tracks. Learn more about all of the University's dual degree offerings. We offer two additional tracks to choose from: Management and CPA (for accounting majors only). Learn more about all of the University's dual degree offerings.

Graduate Research Symposium

Assumption University Graduate School Annual Symposium showcases research, innovative projects, successful case study, and creative work of graduate students and recent alums from every graduate program. We offer all graduate students in every program an opportunity to present their excellent work on diverse topics.

Veterans at Assumption

Assumption University recognizes that servicemen and women have demonstrated great courage and made tremendous sacrifices in service to our nation and its people. The University has introduced a number of programs and services to assist veterans during the application process and while veterans are attending Assumption. We also have a lounge designated only for our veteran students. Assumption University is committed to maintaining recognition as a Military Friendly institution.  We strive to eliminate barriers to success for our Service Members, Veterans, and their qualified dependents.