A faculty member from Assumption University supports students during a course.

Student Success

Our commitment to your growth extends beyond the classroom. At Assumption University, we are proud to be your partners in achieving both academic and personal student success.

Academic Support Center

At Assumption University, we believe that every student has the potential for academic excellence. The experienced tutoring and support team at the Academic Support Center is dedicated to providing you with the tools and assistance you need to excel in your studies.

Career Development & Internship Center

The Career Development & Internship Center is your gateway to a world of professional opportunities. Expert career advisors provide personalized guidance and resources to help you land the internship and career of your dreams.

A male student male sitting at a table with a female student as they attend a networking night
Students gathered around a circle table with a whiteboard in the background.

Student Accessibility Services

We believe that quality education should be accessible to anyone who wishes to pursue it. Our skilled student accessibility services team is designed to ensure that every student, regardless of their unique needs, has the support they need to succeed.

Faculty & Staff Mentorship

Mentorship is the cornerstone of personal and academic growth. Our Faculty & Staff Mentorship initiatives pair students with dedicated faculty and staff mentors who offer valuable insights, encouragement, and resources in a successful educational community.

International Student Success Center

In a setting that expresses appreciation of cultural diversity, the International Student Success Center (ISSC) at Assumption University provides programs, services, and immigration support to assist and educate international students in their transition to the U.S. as well as to the academic culture of the University.

Mentor Collective Program

The transition into college can be challenging; that’s why the Mentor Collective program matches students with alumni or peer mentors who are chosen specifically to align with their interests, career goals, and backgrounds to support them through this time and help prepare them for success at Assumption.