Members of Assumption University's ALANA program pose in a group.

At Assumption, we celebrate the rich tapestry of cultural diversity. Our Cross-Cultural Center, established in 2002, warmly embraces students from all backgrounds, fostering an inclusive and inspiring community. 

Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for students, faculty, and staff to explore diverse identities and engage in educational programs that broaden perspectives. 

We collaborate with various departments and organizations to promote cultural awareness, lectures, workshops, retreats, and performances that honor our shared and unique experiences. Our commitment extends to support ALANA Network, a student-led initiative, and we actively engage in the ALANA Support Network, uniting universities in the Worcester Consortium. Join us in continuing to shape this vibrant community where all thrive!


All students are encouraged to expand their worldviews by engaging with activities and groups that provide insights into diverse races, ethnicities, and religions. Our student-run ALANA (African, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, and Native American) Network fosters inclusivity and diversity awareness through weekly meetings. Together with other student organizations, we organize multicultural events, panel discussions, lectures, performances, and more. We also present the ALANA Diversity Award to a faculty member who promotes diversity sensitivity and cultural perspectives in teaching.

Our diverse events include the Latino Heritage Dinner, Multicultural Day showcasing various cultural foods, Native American Speaker Event during Native American History Month, Black History Month programs, Lunar New Year celebrations, Women’s History Month events, the Step and Dance competition, and the End of Year ALANA Banquet to honor our student leaders and community builders.

A group of Assumption University students in the ALANA program pose together.
An Assumption University student participates in the University's Multicultural Day celebration.

International Connection Student Group

The Cross-Cultural Center also advises the International Connection student group, which allows international students to communicate with and support each other as they take their educational journey together at Assumption. This group also works collaboratively with the ALANA Network to promote diversity on campus through participation in their annual events. The goal of the International Connection is to promote and enhance international awareness, cooperation, cultural diversity, and dialogue among international students and the rest of the Assumption University and local communities.

W.I.N.G.S. (Women Interested in Networking, Gathering, and Solidarity)

Provides female students of color an opportunity to meet with other students and staff of color and explore networking opportunities, participate in discussions with outside guest speakers, and seek advice and guidance on issues pertinent to women of color. We seek to empower young women of color to explore and engage in the Assumption University community, think critically about their role in the surrounding community, and become informed citizens of the world.

Students study at Assumption University.
Male Assumption University students attend a Career Fair on campus.

P.A.L.M.S. (Positively Achieving Leadership by Men in Society)

P.A.L.M.S. began in 2009 with a group of charismatic young men of color. They came together to discuss the challenges and negative perceptions that men in general, and specifically men of color face. In P.A.L.M.S., the men discuss a whole range of issues men deal with, ranging from their conduct to living Godly transparent lives. The men are encouraged to be positive role models for the campus community. The group is advised primarily by the Dean of Campus Life but has been co-advised by a Resident Director and a Coordinator from the Cross-Cultural Center. All seniors are given a pin with the P.A.L.M.S. logo at the group’s final meeting.

Reflections on Race Series

A group of Student Affairs and Campus Ministry professionals from a small, predominantly white Catholic University sought to answer: how do we make our University a more welcoming environment for students of color? The Racial Healing Dialogues (Newkirk & Rutstein, 2000), now called Reflections on Race, was adopted, providing faculty and administrators a safe space to discuss race on a continuous basis.

A group of Assumption University students attend the University's multicultural day event.
A group of Assumption University students attend the University's Multicultural Day celebration.

Agents of Change Retreat

Reflections on Race retreats for students have been taking place here at Assumption since the Spring of 2009.  The retreats began and continue for a number of reasons.   First, they give students the chance to talk about issues of race, ethnicity, and diversity in a safe and non-threatening environment.  Second, the focus is not on other people or societal events, but rather what each of us can do (internally) to reduce racism.  The philosophy and formal retreat format that we follow states that “racism is a social and spiritual disease” and it is “born out of ignorance and fear, which feed upon each other in a monstrous cycle” and that ALL people of ALL races are negatively affected by this.  Third, students have the chance to talk about ways that we can make Assumption University a more welcoming community for everyone.

MLK Day Breakfast

This event involves many from the Worcester community that celebrates and recognizes the life of Dr. Rev. MLK Jr.

Assumption University students attend the University's Multicultural Day celebration.

Diversity Training and Workshops

Experienced staff are available to provide training and workshops on various topics regarding diversity and multiculturalism. Introductory and advanced sessions can be designed specifically for both small and large groups depending on the group’s size, time constraints, and the prior experience that participants have had in discussing issues of diversity and multiculturalism. For more information call (508) 767-7100.

Assumption University helps first-generation students thrive. A talented faculty, led by a first-year Dean, work with students from New Student Orientation through Commencement to create your academic success story. A dedicated financial advisor will ensure that you find the resources you need to complete your degree at Assumption. Our Career Development and Internship Center will guide you toward a fulfilling career after graduation.  A robust alumni network, and the many close friends you make here will ensure that you remain a member of our close-knit community throughout your life.

We invite you to learn more about the special contribution you can make to our community, and the commitment that we have made to students who may be the first members of their family to attend university. We want you to find your home here on campus, and we look forward to sharing the Assumption University experience with you.