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Pre-Clinical Health Science 

Engage with Assumption’s outstanding science programs and strong liberal arts curriculum that prepare you for the rigors of additional study and a successful career in the clinical health professions.

The major in Pre-Clinical Health Science is designed to prepare students for graduate study in one of the many clinical health professions, including, but not limited to, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physician assistant studies, pharmacy and optometry.  This interdisciplinary major provides the student with a strong background in the biological and physical sciences and the health sciences.

The major also introduces students to the vocation of a healthcare professional and it includes elective courses in healthcare, disability, and rehabilitation. Furthermore, in conversation with the Foundations Program, the program supports our students’ formation as intellectually serious, thoughtful citizens, working in fields where good judgement and compassion are paramount.

At Assumption we aim to develop our students’ intellectual abilities and their devotion to the common good.

Program Contact

Steven Theroux, Ph.D

Professor of Biology
508-767-7545 Testa Science Center - Room 202

All classes taught by professors, none by teaching assistants
Student/Faculty Ratio
Students from 29 states and 21 countries

Program Details


    Pre‐Clinical Health Science Majors should take CHE 131, BIO 160, and MAT 114 (or higher) in their first semester.

    BIO 160 Concepts in Biology

    BIO 210 Genetics

    BIO 240 Human Anatomy

    BIO 250 Microbiology or BIO340 Molecular and Cellular Biology

    BIO 370 General Physiology

    CHE 131‐132 General Chemistry I and II (Note CHE 132 requires MAT 114 or higher as a pre‐requisite.)

    CHE 201‐202 Organic Chemistry I and II

    CHE 414 Biochemistry

    MAT 114 Elementary Functions or MAT 117 Calculus I

    PHY201‐202 General Physics I and II

    PSY 101 General Psychology

    PSY 224 or SOC 300 or ECO115 Statistics



    HSC 100 Systems Approach to Delivering Health Care

    HSC 150 Introduction to Public Health

    HSC 222 Advocacy for Patient Centered Care,

    HSC 310 Evidence‐Based Health Care (Fall/Spring)

    HSC 360 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Care (Fall/Spring)

    HSC 370 Health Promotion and Education

    HSC 450 Internship in Health Sciences (6 credits)

    HUS 330: Applied Interviewing and Helping Skills for Health and Human Service Practitioners


    HUS 119 Introduction to Health and Human Services

    HUS 121 Human Development Across the Lifespan

    HUS 210 Medical Aspects of Human Functionality (Fall/Spring)

    HUS/HSC 220 Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability (Fall/Spring)


    Please note:  The specific prerequisites required for admission to a health science program varies depending on the graduate program of study (e.g., medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc.).  In addition, even within a given area, different schools may have different prerequisites for admission.  As a result, we recommend that each student make a list of the schools they hope to matriculate at, and then, in consultation with their advisor, develop a plan to complete those requirements while at Assumption.


Steven Theroux, Ph.D
Professor of Biology
Vladimir Atryzek
Adjunct Faculty
Soraya V. Betancourt-Calle, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Practice
Stuart I. Cromarty, Ph.D
Professor of Biology
David Crowley, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology Director of ASPIRE Associate Director of the Center for Purpose and Vocation
Karolina Fučíková, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Biology
Mandy Gaudreau
Adjunct Faculty
Michele Lemons, Ph.D
Professor of Biology Director of the Center for Neuroscience
Nicolas (Nikos) Lessios, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Paul Mahon, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology
Jessica McCready, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Philip McCue
Adjunct Faculty, Human Services
Jean M. Mukherjee
Adjunct Faculty
Alison J. Myette, MS, CCC-SLP
Associate Professor of Practice, Human Services
Brian K. Niece, Ph.D
Department Chair, Biological and Physical Sciences Professor of Chemistry
Andrea Jean Pereira
Adjunct Faculty
Cinzia Pica, Ed.D.
Chair, Department of Health and Human Services Director of the Women’s Studies Program Professor, Human Services
Anthony Sacino
Assistant Professor of Practice
Kimberly A. Schandel, Ph.D
Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry
Gary R Senecal, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Human Services
Owen D. Sholes, Ph.D
Adjunct Faculty
Katelyn Stevens, PT, DPT
Health Science Clinical Coordinator
Alexandria Marie Vassallo
Adjunct Faculty, Human Services
Jessica Lucas Whitt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Practice
Christian (Scannell) Williams, Ph.D., LMHC
Assistant Professor of Human Services

Graduate and Medical School Placement

Assumption has a strong track record of preparing students for graduate school in the health sciences, and our students have been accepted at numerous medical schools and health professions programs throughout the United States.

Boston University School of Dental Medicine

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

National Institutes of Health post-baccalaureate fellowship

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

University of Massachusetts Medical School

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Yale University

Assumption is dedicated to providing a clear understanding of what your education will cost

We’ll help cut through the complexity of financing your education, ensuring you understand what you need, how to apply for aid, and what’s expected of you. You will be assigned a personal financial aid advisor who will guide you through the process and answer all of your financial aid-related questions.


To enhance your understanding of the health professions and increase the competitiveness of your graduate school applications, Assumption encourages pre-clinical health science students to engage in an internship. Assumption also offers a paid summer-research program for students. Worcester features innovative life sciences organizations and health care providers that seek motivated undergraduates to conduct research, observe patient care, and assist health professionals. Through an internship, you strengthen your knowledge, confidence, and professionalism, and you’ll also make important connections that may open doors to future careers. Some of the organizations Assumption students intern with include Blue Sky Biotech, GLSynthesis Inc., Harvard University, New England Aquarium, Office of the Massachusetts Medical Examiner, Red Sox Assistant Medical Director and University of Massachusetts Medical School.
Dr. Michaela Temple, D.O.
Dr. Michaela Temple, D.O.

Class of 2017
Doctor of Optometry, New England College of Optometry

“My research project at Assumption was in the study of the molecular mechanisms of neuronal development in C. elegans.  Conducting this research provided me with the analytical skills that are required in many medical fields.”

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