Italian Studies

The Italian Studies Minor offers students the opportunity to develop advanced proficiency in the Italian language and to broaden their knowledge of the art, culture, history, literature and politics of Italy. Those wishing to explore the discipline more in depth may also pursue a self-declared Italian Studies Major.

Italian Studies Program

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Admission Deadline

Early Decision: November 15

Early Action: November 15

Early Action II: December 15

Regular Decision: February 15


D'Amour College of the Liberal Arts and Sciences


Modern and Classical Languages and Cultures

Program Contact

Richard Bonanno, Ph.D.

Professor of Italian
508-767-7120 Founders Hall - Room 222

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Program Curriculum


Becoming Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

Kayley Millard
Graduate Student

Passionate about diverse cultures and languages, Kayley Millard ’18 always planned to study abroad. What she didn’t plan for was a semester on A...

Experiential Learning

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Faculty/Student Research

The Assumption curriculum encourages scholarly and real-world experience. With hands-on research conducted alongside faculty mentors, students gain a depth of knowledge and skills that lead to professional success and personal fulfillment.

Study Abroad

At Assumption University, the world is your classroom. Students can study and explore abroad in over 50 places from Vienna to England, South Africa, and even our own campus in historic, yet modern, Rome, Italy. Assumption’s study abroad program offers culture, history, and a living classroom for all.


Assumption starts planning for your future the day you arrive on campus. Our Career Development and Internship Center helps students secure exciting and fulfilling internships where you’ll apply knowledge obtained in the classroom in a professional setting, preparing for a future career or additional study. Assumption connects students to internship opportunities in corporations, government agencies, research hospitals, non-profit organizations, and more.

Assumption's Rome Campus

At Assumption's campus in Rome, Italy, the city and the country become your classroom through daily and weekend-long excursions throughout "the eternal city" and the Italian countryside. This unique study abroad experience will enrich your academic and cultural pursuits as you walk in the footsteps of emperors and gladiators then enjoy delectable Italian cuisine or perhaps a cappuccino after class in a local cafe. (Did you know that your financial aid follows you to Rome?)

Explore the Rome Campus

Career Paths

Boston Public Schools

EMC Corporation

Grafton Public Schools

MassMutual Financial Group

Mellon Financial

Philip Morris USA

Westerly Public Schools

Worcester Public Schools

Emma Salachi

Italian Studies 2019
Product Development and Client Care Intern, Collette Travel Services

My experience at the Assumption Rome campus was amazing.

I developed my Italian language skills, experienced another culture firsthand, and become a more confident and independent person.

Shining their light

Emma Salachi

Italian Studies 2019
Product Development and Client Care Intern, Collette Travel Services

My experience at the Assumption Rome campus was amazing.

I developed my Italian language skills, experienced another culture firsthand, and become a more confident and independent person.

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Assumption University strives to form graduates known for critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship and compassionate service. Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition, the University pursues these ambitious goals through a curriculum grounded in the liberal arts that prepares students for professionally and personally rewarding lives of meaning.

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More than just a Minor: Pursue the Major in Italian Studies

Numerous students have completed the Major in Italian Studies in recent years, and you can, too. Such a course of study is especially feasible for those wishing to spend a semester or more in Italy, be it on the Rome Campus or elsewhere. We are here to help you self-declare the major, broaden your horizons and realize your dreams.

Cross Disciplines: Opportunity Awaits You

Studying Italian is much more than mastering a language. Italy is a tremendously rich country of interest across a number of disciplines. Whether your primary interest lies in the field of Art, Business, Economics, Environmental Science, History, Politics, Philosophy, Theology or another field of inquiry, Italian Studies touches upon all fields through its history. 

The Rome Campus and Study Abroad

A semester on the Rome Campus offers extraordinary opportunities for students of Italian. An intensive Italian option puts you on the fast track toward achieving linguistic proficiency, while homestays are available to those wishing to immerse themselves more fully in the life of the city. You may also study elsewhere in Italy should you care to explore another city or enroll in a program more in tune with your academic needs. We are here to help.

Explore the Rome Campus

Why Study Italian?

Anne Guadalupi

Science Major, Italian Studies Minor

Studying Italian allows me to reconnect with my family roots and experience a culture unlike our own

"Through the Italian program at Assumption, I was able to broaden my perspective in a multitude of ways making my educational and occupational goals international in scope"
Emily Grillo

Double Major in Italian Studies and English Writing and Mass Communications

My Italian heritage has always been important to me

"Italian courses at Assumption helped me reach my goal of becoming bilingual. I aspire to become an elementary school teacher and look forward to teaching my students Italian"
Daniel Russo

International Business Major, Italian Studies Minor

I studied in Italy as a child, but look forward to returning this time as a college student

"Courses in Italian at Assumption have allowed me to improve my formal Italian writing and speaking skills"
Valerie Queirolo

Double Major in Foreign Languages and International Business

I study Italian because I enjoy exploring a new culture with such a rich history

"While studying in Rome, I have broadened my horizons and feel inspired to try new things"
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