Kimberly A. Schandel, Ph.D

Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry

508-767-7143 Kennedy Building - Room 209

Degrees Earned

B.S., Pennsylvania State University; Biochemistry, 1983
Ph.D., Duke University; Biochemistry, 1990
Ph.D. Thesis Title: “Characterization of the Role of Trac in F Pilus Assembly (F Pilus, Filamentous Phage Infection)”

Undergraduate Courses Taught


Publications & Editorships

Schandel, K.A., and Jenness, D.D. “Direct Evidence for Ligand-Induced Internalization of the Yeast x-Factor Pheromone Receptor.” Molecular and Cellular Biology, 14 (1994): 7245-7255.

Schandel, K.A., Muller, M.M., and Webster, R.E. “Localization of TraC, a Protein Involved in Assembly of the F Conjugative Pilus.” Journal of Bacteriology, 174 (1992): 3800-3806.

Schandel, K.A., Maneewannakul, S., Vonder Haar, R.A., Ippen-Ihler, K., and Webster, R.E. “Nucleotide Sequence of the F Plasmid Gene, TraC, and Identification of its Product.” Gene, 96 (1990): 137-140.

Dosil, M., Schandel, K. A., Gupta, E., Jenness, D. D., and Konopka, J. B. (2000) The C Terminus of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae a-Factor Receptor Contributes to the Formation of Preactivation Complexes with its Cognate G Protein. Mol. Cell. Biol. 20:5321-5329.