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July 22 to 26, 2024

Assumption University is pleased to offer a day camp for ninth and tenth grade high school students who enjoy math from July 22 to 26, 2024 from 9:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. In this camp held on the Assumption campus, students will learn discovery topics in pre-calculus and probability in a hands-on environment.

Mentored by trained Assumption undergraduates and directed by Assumption professors with a large mentor to student ratio of 13:30. Several activities will be held outdoors (weather permitting).


There is no cost for this camp and lunch will be provided. 

Who Should Apply


  • To be eligible to apply to Camp AIM, applicants must be  9th or 10th graders in high school 

Selection Criteria

  • Students selected for Camp AIM generally have been referred by a high school mathematics teacher and have a record of strong performance and/or interest in mathematics. 

We strongly encourage students from underrepresented and/or underserved populations to apply.

  • Underrepresented in mathematics (African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, women)
  • Underserved (low socioeconomic means)
  • First-generation college prospect

Regardless of race or ethnicity, every applicant who meets the eligibility requirements will be considered. 


TEACHERS: To refer students who are strong candidates for participating in Camp AIM, provide your students’ names using this referral form

For more information contact:
Professor Jessica de la Cruz, Ph.D., Department of Education,
Professor Joseph Alfano, Ph.D., Department of Mathematics,