Spiritual Life

Catholic, those of other faiths, and nonreligious students are all welcome at Assumption University.

Thank you for your interest in Campus Ministry, a dynamic expression of the Catholic and Assumptionist mission of Assumption University! Join a community where liberal arts education includes ongoing faith development, where campus ministers seek to model faithful witness to Jesus Christ and the Gospel, and where all students have diverse opportunities to develop a life that matters through prayer and worship, service and justice, and spiritual growth and development.

Your Journey to a Meaningful Future

A rewarding career. Friendship. A clear understanding of your ideals and goals. Making a real difference in the world. All of these elements are crucial to leading a happy and purposeful life.

Assumption’s Campus Ministry can help you to lead such a life. Our programs and staff empower you to ask—and answer—fundamental questions about who you are, what you love, what you hope for, and how to use your talents to make the world a brighter place. Every member of the Assumption community—regardless of religious affiliation—is welcome to participate in Campus Ministry programs at any level of involvement that’s desired and comfortable.

Enrich your life—by improving life for others

Assumption is a community where people live according to their ideals. Campus Ministry provides the support, encouragement, and opportunity for you to engage in service projects with local, national, and international communities—and shine your light throughout the world.

Connect with your faith

Catholic students, students from other Christian denominations, and students from other religious traditions have myriad ways to nurture their faith at Assumption—from participating in daily Masses to engaging in spiritual direction with a campus minister. At Assumption, you can engage closely with religious scripture, connect to the faithful in the Assumption community, help others along their own spiritual journeys, and expand your personal relationship with God.

Discover or Explore Your Faith at Assumption

Worship in Ways that Make Sense for You

From engaging in reflection during student-led Candlelight Prayer to singing or playing an instrument in music ministry, to serving as a liturgical minister or spending time in reflection in the interfaith prayer room, Assumption provides a variety of ways for you to participate in community worship and express and deepen your faith. Students of all (or no) faith traditions are welcome.

Prayer and Worship

Put Your Faith Into Action

Put your faith into action in concrete and impactful ways by participating in a community service program or trip, or joining a student group—such as the AU Interfaith Alliance—that advocates for change you believe in.

Service and Justice

Join a Spiritual Retreat

Reflect on your faith—and your future—by participating in a retreat with fellow students. Hear firsthand about the faith journeys of Assumption’s faculty and staff. Discuss your vocation ideas with a handful of your peers, or join a bible study group. Assumption is the ideal place to continue—and nourish—your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Growth

Hone your Leadership Abilities

Join the more than 60 students who support Campus Ministry staff in implementing programs and assisting liturgy, prayer, service, and retreat experiences. Leadership positions are available in all areas of Campus Ministry: Prayer & Worship, Service & Justice, and Spiritual Growth.

Campus Ministry Staff

First-rate Academics in a Catholic University Setting

Assumption University strives to form graduates known for critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship and compassionate service. Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition, the University pursues these ambitious goals through a curriculum grounded in the liberal arts that prepares students for professionally and personally rewarding lives of meaning.

Our Mission