SOPHIA students in Rome, Italy.

Pursue a Life of Meaning

SOPHIA Assumption University The SOPHIA (Sophomore Initiative at Assumption) Program is specially designed for sophomore students who are willing to engage in the discovery of deeper connections between their personal, intellectual, professional, spiritual, and social lives. By combining academic, mentoring, and travel opportunities under the guidance of dedicated faculty mentors, SOPHIA strives to foster a culture of vocational exploration at Assumption University that will support students as they pursue productive lives of meaning.  You can be one of twenty-four sophomore collegians who take a common course in the fall, meet regularly in small groups with a faculty mentor, and participate in retreats and co-curricular activities including a capstone travel experience. 

The SOPHIA Program invites you to pursue your personal, professional, and spiritual goals in light of your own talents and desires, and the needs of the world around you. Dedicated faculty mentors from a variety of different disciplines encourage and motivate you to find your calling and to identify key questions to learn to live a purposeful life.

As the Greek word for wisdom (σοφία), SOPHIA encourages all Assumption students to take courses with a specific focus on vocational engagement.  Assumption offers more than seventeen courses across eleven fields of study in which any student can explore the meaningful questions of vocation and purpose.

Program Contact:

Esteban Loustaunau
Director, SOPHIA Program
d’Alzon Library 310