Student Experience

Your four years here is a chance to transform your life—and there’s nothing more transformative than being part of the Assumption community.

Be who you are. Become what you imagine.

As part of the Assumption community, you will do much more than broaden your knowledge. You’ll challenge your perspectives, test your abilities, leap outside your comfort zone, make lifelong friends and expand your possibilities.

Inclusive, supportive, and opportunity-rich, Assumption is a place where you’ll feel comfortable being yourself, exploring your potential, and pursuing every interest. You’ll achieve more than you ever thought possible, and embark on an exciting journey to a fulfilling, rewarding, and impactful life.

Everything you need to learn, grow, and achieve

Assumption offers round-the-clock access to opportunity. No matter what interests you, you’ll find a club, class, event, or resource that allows you to do it. Study at Assumption’s Rome campus for a semester. Take yoga and martial arts classes. Complete a life-changing internship in Worcester. Join the philosophy club, or create a new club with your friends. If you can dream it, at Assumption, you can do it.  

Maximum support in all that you do

Assumption cultivates an environment in which you’ll feel at ease expressing yourself, exploring your passions, and discovering new possibilities. You’ll be surrounded by diverse and interesting people who support and encourage you in every endeavor, from roommates, teammates, and classmates to career counselors, faculty advisors, coaches, and ministry staff.

Assumption is small—and that’s a big deal.

With 2,000 undergraduates, Assumption is a university where each student is known and valued. You’ll forge close, personal relationships with peers and professors whose ideas and backgrounds will enrich your education—and help illuminate your path.

Enjoy a stunning and vibrant campus

There’s a good reason nearly 90% of our undergraduates live on campus all four years. Our campus is beautiful, comfortable, rich with amenities, and buzzing with activity around the clock.

Living on Campus

Enrich your experience through cocurriculars

Participate in student government. Join the kickball team or running club. Write for Muse, Assumption’s literary magazine. With nearly 60 clubs and organizations, you’ll have ample opportunity to exercise your mind and body.

Student Groups and Activities

Nurture your spiritual growth

Catholic students, students of other faiths, and those still searching all find at Assumption an open and welcoming environment in which to explore their spiritual side. Assumption offers myriad ways to connect more deeply with God, the world, and oneself.

Spiritual Life

Have fun while staying fit

From figure skating and floor hockey to Latin dance and Ping-Pong, Assumption has a broad range of intramural clubs and sports that enable you to compete, stay fit, hone your skills, and make great friends.

Intramural Clubs and Sports

Change others’ lives—as well as your own

Fostering your commitment to improve your life and the lives of others is central to Assumption’s mission. You can put your ideas into action in the ways that matter to you most, from promoting sustainable practices on campus to rebuilding homes in Alabama on a service trip.

Community Service

Benefit from big-city opportunity

Live on a beautiful, tree-lined 185-acre campus—while enjoying life in a dynamic city. Home to 35,000 university students, Worcester has plenty to offer undergraduates, including high-quality internships, stellar restaurants, and world-class entertainment.

Worcester, MA

Help make the world more sustainable

Assumption is committed to creating a healthier planet. We use a high percentage of renewable energy; have significantly ramped up our recycling and composting capacity; and offer a broad range of academic, research, and service opportunities for students passionate about conservation.



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