Community Service

Assumption will challenge you to discover your gifts and talents and in return use those gifts to make a positive difference in the world. 

How Will You Impact the Community?

At the heart of the University's mission is a call to not only form graduates known for critical intelligence but to instill in them the altruistic values of thoughtful citizenship and compassionate service. 

As a Catholic University, Assumption holds strong to its beliefs, to its traditions and values. At the core of those is the idea that there is no better use of our time, indeed, no better use of a life, than helping others. This call to serve is one of the core principles guiding our philosophy of education and what we think a life of meaning entails. 

The desire to help those in need is a vital element informing the mission of a number of organizations and departments such as Assumption Athletics, Campus Ministry, Community Service Learning, the Reach Out Center, Recreation, OSA Clubs, and the Student Government Association. Be it through assisting the elderly with free tax preparation, interning at a local nonprofit, or shoveling snow from fire hydrants to help keep a neighborhood safe, Assumption students rise to the challenge of extending a helping hand to the city they are proud to call home for four years.

Impacting the Community

Community Benefits Reports

Assumption students can be found in a number of areas throughout Worcester using their gifts and talents in service to those in need. it is through these opportunities that students refine their gifts, talents and passions as they provide for those who often go without.

How does Assumption Impact the Community?

First-rate Academics in a Catholic University Setting

Assumption University strives to form graduates known for critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship and compassionate service. Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition, the University pursues these ambitious goals through a curriculum grounded in the liberal arts that prepares students for professionally and personally rewarding lives of meaning.

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