Strengthen Your Connection to Assumption

When sons and daughters go off to university, they aren’t the only ones who are affected or experience a transition. 

Assumption University—whose mission is steeped in community and family values–extends a warm invitation to students’ families to strengthen their connection to the University.  This group, which we’ve dubbed the Assumption Parent and Family Association, is also designed to serve as an opportunity to share your unique perspective with prospective Assumption families, or new families, whose children have chosen the University and its exemplary academic programs and vibrant student life as the next step in their educational journey.

Whether it be welcoming families at Open House, Accepted Students Day, Check-in Day or perhaps meeting prospective families at a local College Fair, Assumption families are well-positioned to provide helpful advice to those engaged in the university search process. Individuals who volunteer for such efforts will not be asked to raise money for the University, rather share with others who are considering the University their valuable information and experience as an Assumption family.

It is important to note that Assumption families who volunteer in support of this endeavor do not act, nor speak, on behalf of the University, rather provide information from the unique parent perspective of life at Assumption University.  

All parents and families are members of the Association, however, if you would like to become more involved, please complete the below form.

How the Parent Association Supports the University

  • Throughout the fall and spring, the Office of Enrollment Management offers to high school students and their families a number of convenient opportunities to visit the campus and learn from faculty and students about the University’s excellent academic programs and exciting student life offerings. Assumption would like to also provide to these prospective students and their families an opportunity to interact one-on-one with current families. Questions may include: how the University helps students and families navigate the transition from high school to college; inquiries about the quality of Assumption’s academic programs; how the University communicates with families; and other topics of interest from individuals who, many for the first time, are experiencing the college search process.

  • In late August, the campus bustles with activity as hundreds of first-year students and their families unload packed cars and move students into their first dorm room. Current students assist new students and their families with the heavy lifting; parents are invited to welcome our new families by providing directions, answering questions such as “Where is the HoundStore” or, if asked, offer advice on getting through a monumental, yet exciting, day in the life of their child and family.

  • If you would like to become more involved in the Assumption Parent and Family Association by attending an event to share your experiences with, or welcoming new families to, Assumption University, please complete the following form.