Group of Assumption students welcoming people to campus.

Congratulations on joining the Assumption University community as members of the Class of 2028! We look forward to welcoming you at one of our upcoming COMPASS Orientation sessions this June and as you begin your university career this fall. 

We know you will have plenty of questions about what needs to be done and who to contact. The following pages contain much of the information you will need, along with contact information if you have additional questions. At any time, please do not hesitate to email us, but please indicate “Parent/Guardian – 2028” or “Student – 2028” in the subject line with any questions you may have. Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate department and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Compass Orientation is a critical aspect of your transition to Assumption.  All of us are preparing for your arrival on campus in the coming months particularly regarding your orientation to the classroom and campus life. We will provide curricular and co-curricular programming that will allow you to meet faculty and staff, select course offerings, meet upper-class student orientation leaders, and interact with your new classmates in an overnight experience.

Family orientation will be provided on Day 1 of the same session day as their student. We invite families to join us as partners in building the success of their students. The Assumption community is looking forward to welcoming you to our Pack!

Thank you for choosing Assumption University! We look forward to the many contributions you will make not only to the University community but to society upon graduation. It is here, that you will learn to thrive in the company of friends.


George Kuntz

COMPASS June Orientation Session Dates:

Spend a couple of days on campus to learn more about academic and social life, meet the other members of the Class of 2028, and kick off the summer! 

Save the Date!
Session 1: June 12 & 13
Session 2: June 17 & 18
Session 3: June 20 & 21

You may register for Orientation on your Admitted Student Portal starting March 23.

Helpful Orientation Information

  • Get ready for COMPASS Orientation! Please consult the following checklist to ensure you are prepared to maximize your first visit to campus as an official Hound. You will need your username and password to access some of these sites:

    • Complete the COMPASS Learning Community Preference Survey – Available March 23
    • Complete the Class of 2028 Academic Interests and Goals Questionnaire – Available March 23
    • Take the Math Placement Test – Available Early May
    • Take the Foreign Language Placement Test – Available Early May

    COMPASS Orientation Team
    Students and staff from the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership and the Office of Student Affairs have been planning a fantastic COMPASS Orientation experience for incoming members of the Class of 2028. Your student orientation leaders look forward to meeting you!

    Why do we have Orientation? 
    Guided by the principles of the Assumptionist tradition, the University’s First-Year COMPASS Orientation challenges and supports new students in their transition from high school to college. Through interactive, collaborative experiences, students and families reflect on what it means to be an emerging adult in a college community. Throughout Orientation, students will begin cultivating a sense of wonder, discovery, and purpose, leading to graduates known for their intellectual seriousness, thoughtful citizenship, and devotion to the common good. Questions about advising or course selection should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Studies at (508) 767-7486.

    First-Year Student Housing Preference Survey
    The First-Year Student Housing Preference Survey will open up May 1st and must be completed by June 21st at 4:00pm. Please use your Assumption username and password to access the survey. Review a step-by-step video tutorial on registering for housing.

    Math Placement Test
    To place you into the appropriate Math course, a placement test is taken by all new students. Don’t worry, you can’t “fail” this test; it is used solely for determining the appropriate level of course for your background and ability. So do your best, but you don’t need to study or prepare for it. You cannot register for a Math class, or related courses such as Microeconomics until you have taken the Math placement test. Some COMPASS Learning Communities require a specific Math placement–check the COMPASS preference survey for details. Be sure to complete the placement test by Friday, June 2. The test times out automatically after 25 minutes, so make sure you have 25 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete the test to the best of your ability. A reliable internet connection is also recommended if you have one. You’ll need your username and password to access the test. Click here for additional details.

    Mentor Collective Survey
    You’ll be skillfully paired with someone invested in your success – an upper-class student Mentor who wants to serve as a meaningful resource for new Hounds. Think of them as your personal concierge; ready to listen, answer questions, inspire, help navigate challenges, and recognize opportunities.

    To get started, all you have to do is register and complete a brief survey, which allows us to match you with a Mentor based on shared interests, background/life experiences, academic interests, social interests, and professional aspirations. Matching will begin after the final June Orientation session. Survey should be completed by June 7.

    Foreign Language Questionnaire and Placement
    Like the Math Placement Test, the Foreign Language Placement Questionnaire and Exam is used to place you into the appropriate level based on your current knowledge and ability, so you don’t need to study or prepare. If you have taken Spanish, French, and/or Italian in high school, or are a heritage or native speaker of those languages, or have some other life experience with Spanish, French, or Italian, you need to take the corresponding placement exam(s)Portuguese speakers who have not studied Spanish should take the Spanish exam anyway, as well as exam(s) for other languages you studied. You cannot register for a foreign language course until you have taken the placement questionnaire and exam(s). Be sure to complete the placement test by Wednesday, June 5. We will notify you when the language placement test is available in early May.  Click here for additional details.

    First-Year Anthology of Readings for the Class of 2028
    Assumption is currently in the process of developing an anthology of readings on the themes of education and work for the incoming first-year classes. We are pleased to have the Class of 2028 participate in this initiative. During orientation, you will participate in a classroom discussion with an Assumption professor focusing on readings from the anthology. This event is intended to introduce you to what a college class is like.  As with any college class, you should read the assigned texts in advance and come prepared with an understanding of the reading’s contents and questions.

    To prepare for the June Orientation, you should do the assigned reading available on Brightspace in mid-May.

    Click on the link, type in your username and password, and then click on the site, “First Year Anthology of Common Reading – CO2028.”

    Click on the “Content” tab, and you will find a pdf of the reading, other introductory materials and further instructions.

    Financial Aid
    Please make sure to respond to any requests from the Office of Financial Aid for any outstanding documentation.

    If you applied for need-based financial aid and offered a Federal Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Loan, please make sure to complete your MPN (Master Promissory Note) and Entrance Counseling prior to June 15 if you wish to have these funds appear as a credit on your bill.

    Directions on how to complete your MPN and Entrance Counseling are available on the Office of Financial Aid webpage under the Federal Direct Loan Process for Undergraduate Students. If you have any questions please email us or call 508-767-7158.

  • Assumption University supports and recognizes the standards set forth in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and its amendments, which are designed to eliminate discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities. Assumption University is committed to providing equity, access, and inclusion of all students with disabilities within the Assumption University community.

    If you are a student or family member with a disability and in need of accommodations to fully participate in the COMPASS Orientation, please contact Julie LeBlanc, Senior Director of Student Accessibility and Retention Initiatives.

    Incoming first-year students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to disclose and engage in the process of requesting reasonable accommodations early. Students wishing to do so should access the following link and follow the instructions under the tabs titled Academic, Housing/ and/or Dining Accommodations.

    Student Accessibility Services

  • Is COMPASS Orientation mandatory for all students to attend?
    Yes, COMPASS Orientation is a wonderful opportunity to meet people and become familiar with the Assumption community, resources and tools available to you as a student. You will also meet with an advisor to choose your classes for the fall semester. This program is meant for students and their families to attend.

    When can I sign up for COMPASS Orientation?
    You may register for Orientation on your Admitted Student Portal starting March 23.

    What if I have not selected a major or do not know what I want to do?
    It is perfectly okay if you don’t know what your major is. You will still be able to meet with an advisor during COMPASS Orientation to talk about the core curriculum requirements and what other classes you may be interested in. Faculty, staff, and administration are here to help guide you as you make the transition to college life.

    Will I meet with my academic advisor during COMPASS Orientation?
    You will meet with an advisor for approximately 40 minutes during COMPASS Orientation when you will discuss your academic interests and goals, and the appropriate classes to take in the fall. The advisor with whom you meet may not be your permanent academic advisor.

    Will I register for courses during COMPASS Orientation?
    You will not register for courses but you will pick courses you are interested in taking and you will learn how to register for your classes when registration opens on June 26.

  • Each orientation session is carefully planned out to help you familiarize yourself with the campus, discuss your academic interests with an advisor, and meet other members of the Class of 2028. COMPASS Orientation begins with a welcome ceremony followed by a schedule that allows you to find your pack and make connections at 500 Salisbury Street.Schedules will be available soon!

  • Following your on-campus COMPASS Orientation, there will be some virtual and in-person offerings/events throughout July. The transition to Assumption continues as you check-in on August 23, 2024.

    The entire Assumption community looks forward to welcoming you to campus this fall! If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Activities at 508.767.7403.

  • Social Media

    Since you are now an official Hound, we invite you to join the conversation on the University’s social media communities, including the University’s Instagram (@assumptionuma) and the orientation Instagram (@assumptionuma_ol). We also suggest that you like the University’s Facebook page and follow the University on Twitter.

    The University encourages all members of the Class of 2028 to share orientation photos on social media using #HOUNDS2028.

  • Have a question? Feel free to email or call members of the Assumption University community.

    The Office of Student Engagement along with the Division of Student Affairs and Office of Undergraduate Studies sponsor First-Year COMPASS Orientation

    Cassie Harvey, Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Leadership
    Phone: 508-767-7181

    Kristen White, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs
    Phone: 508-767-7328

    Undergraduate Studies Office (Maison 202)

    This office oversees academic advising, provides assistance with any concerns or issues with classes, including excused absences for illness or death in the family.

    • Eloise Knowlton, Ph.D. (508) 767-7486Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies  
    • Jennifer Morrison, Ph.D. (508) 767-7486Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Studies 

    Accessibility Services (Second floor of the d’Alzon Library)

    This office determines accommodation eligibility and works with students who self-identify as having a disability.

    • Julie LeBlanc (508) 767-7500, Director of Student Accessibility Services  

    Residential Life Office (First Floor of Salisbury Hall)

    This office provides assistance with any issues concerning campus residence.

    Office of Student Activities (Hagan Campus Center)

    This office works closely with students to plan co-curricular activities including Orientation.

    Student Health Services (Located in Armanet House at the back of campus)

    This office provides assistance with any health-related issues or concerns.

    Student Affairs (Hagan Campus Center)

    This office oversees the operation of the division of student affairs.

    • Kristen White, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, (508) 767-7328

    Student Accounts (Lower Level of Desautel Hall)

    This office provides assistance with billing, charges, etc.

    Counseling Services (First Floor of Salisbury Hall)

    This office provides personal counseling services to all full-time undergraduate students.

    Office of Community Standards (First Floor of Salisbury Hall)

    This office oversees the student conduct process including facilitation of and/or participation in educational initiatives related to policies, student behavior, development, and maturation.

    Academic Support Center (Second Floor of the d’Alzon Library)

    This office provides assistance with classwork in the form of tutoring, study skills, time management.

    Cross-Cultural Center (Charlie’s)

    This office provides campus-wide programming on diversity-related issues, advises and supports Assumption’s ALANA (African, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, and Native American) Network student group and international students.

    Career Development and Internship Center (Lower Level of Alumni Hall)

    Financial Aid (Admissions House)

    Registrar’s Office (Lower Level of Desautel Hall)

    This office provides assistance with any issues concerning class scheduling and transcripts.

    Campus Ministry (Tinsley Campus Ministry Center & Hagan Campus Center)

    This office provides opportunities for spiritual development and volunteer service. They also oversee liturgy, retreats, SEND service trips, a variety of prayer opportunities, the Chapel Choir andAdvocates for Life.

    Information Technology (Room 130 of the Information Technology Center)

    This office provides answers to questions about purchasing a computer.

    Assumption Dining Services (Aramark – Taylor Dining Hall)

    Department of Public Safety/Campus Police (First Floor of Kennedy Hall)

    This office provides a comprehensive program of police, security, crime prevention, fire safety, and emergency medical services 24/7 to help ensure that the college community remains a safe and pleasant place in which to live, work and study.

    Assumption Buildings and Grounds/Maintenance

    This office provides general maintenance, repair and common area cleaning of the campus.

    Hound Store (Bookstore – Second Floor of Hagan Campus Center)