Interdisciplinary Studies

Explore a wide range of perspectives and a variety of disciplines to help you fully understand an important topic or idea. Want to know the whole story? Try looking deeper.

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Eloise Knowlton, Ph.D., Department Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies



La Maison Francaise - Room 202

Assumption University's Interdisciplinary Programs will help you understand an area of study with new insight, by connecting and integrating thoughts and theories across a range of fields and subjects. By coming together across disciplines through innovative lessons and teaching styles, Assumption’s dedicated faculty will help you build the critical thinking skills you’ll need to succeed and provide you with the in-depth knowledge that will help you stand out above the crowd. You’ll learn there’s more to a subject area than you once thought, or develop a whole new way of thinking that will help you understand the world in a different way.

The University offers the following programs in interdisciplinary studies:

  • Community Service Learning
  • Core Texts and Enduring Questions (CTEQ)
  • Honors Program
  • Law, Ethics and Constitutional Studies (LEX)
  • Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS)
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Women's Studies

Features and Benefits of Studying Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Learn more about the role women have played in history and society, and how ideas of what it means to be a woman have evolved over time, through the women’s studies program
  • Explore the richness and diversity of the medieval and early modern world by combining studies in history, literature, languages, the arts, philosophy, politics, and religion in the medieval and early modern studies program
  • Seek out the connections among your courses, and between those courses and life outside the classroom, in a supportive learning community through the University's honors program
  • Gain a better understanding of the world around you while making a difference in the lives of others through community service learning
  • Engage with the law, ethics and constitutionalism  by examining the thinkers and texts who have shaped the Western intellectual tradition with the law, ethics, and constitutional studies (LEX) program

CTEQ Pre-College Program






Honors Program


Political Science




Women's Studies

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