Honors Mission and Curriculum

The Honors Program Mission: Liberal Education and Preparation for Life

The Honors Program supports Assumption University's mission as a Catholic comprehensive college, one that provides a liberal education and is dedicated to helping students prepare for successful lives, professionally and personally.

A liberal education is simply an education for freedom—and it’s becoming more important.

At the professional level, today’s world requires increasing flexibility, as people must often adjust or switch careers as the economy changes. Liberal education is the basis of—not an alternative to—the pre-professional preparation that Assumption also provides. At the political level, our democracy requires civility, the ability to develop informed and balanced opinions, and citizenly courage. At the personal level, seeking to understand ourselves and others augments the meaningfulness of our lives. In all these ways, liberal education helps students prepare for success.

Assumption University is driven by a simple vision: each student is a full human being, preparing for a full human life. Each person is called to understand themselves, others, and the world and to act in the world excellently. And each of us must do this in many ways: as workers, family members, friends, thinkers, and citizens. The Honors Program and its faculty aim to prepare each student for a thoughtful, productive, and free life, one in which the student may more excellently recognize the truth and succeed by doing good in community with others.  

Honors Mission and Curriculum

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