Center for Purpose and Vocation

The Center for Purpose and Vocation welcomes those seeking answers to life’s big questions and who are open to exploring their own passions and contributions at Assumption University.

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Esteban Loustaunau, Ph.D., Director



Emmanuel d'Alzon Library - 310

Building Lives that Matter

The Center for Purpose and Vocation (CPV) connects students to the many campus resources and opportunities available for the growth of their passion and calling. CPV programs and events support students in building strong character and leading a more meaningful and purposeful life.  At the CPV, we support the exploration of vocation in its many forms —active, contemplative, creative, religious, social, communal, personal, professional— through courses, events, and initiatives sponsored in partnership with various academic departments, programs, and offices such as the Career Development and Internship Center, the Community Service Learning Program, the D’Amour Center for Teaching Excellence, Campus Ministry, and the Offices of Student Affairs and Residential Life.

At Assumption, learning to build lives that matter is one of our guiding principles.  We recognize that seeking our purpose and vocation lasts a lifetime, but it begins here and now with the need to respond to the world around us.  This is why we encourage students to formulate their life goals, develop their interests, and reflect on their values so that they can make contributions to the world beyond themselves.  

We carry out this mission by providing resources for individual and group reflection through a series of probing questions:

Who am I? What is the purpose of my life?  How do I live a meaningful life?  How can I make a difference in the world?  

We welcome those seeking answers to life’s big questions and who are open to exploring their own callings, passions, and contributions at Assumption.

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