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How does a Catholic university impact students in their daily lives?

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Ted Zito

Dean of Students


The Augustinians of the Assumption founded Assumption University in 1904, and its mission has been consistent since the beginning. Assumption, rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition, strives to form graduates known for critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship, and compassionate service.

Student Affairs staff support that mission throughout the residential and cocurricular aspects of student life. We plan and implement programs around a core set of principles so that we can light the way for Assumption students to achieve their full personal and academic potential.

The bell tower in front of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit has five bells that ring across campus. Our five principles do the same. We are very clear about our identity, which is grounded in the values and teaching of Catholicism, and, as a Catholic university, we believe that each student should be encouraged to explore and understand his or her personal faith tradition.

You four years at Assumption is a time of tremendous personal growth for students. We look forward to working with each and every student at Assumption University as we grow together.

Ted Zito,
Dean of Students


Leslie Bowden

Administrative Assistant, Student Conduct

Kadin C. deRuijter

Resident Director, Head Esports Coach

(508) 767-7505
Frank Dibert

Director of Counseling Services

Benjamin A. Kadamus

Assistant Dean of Students

Michael Rodier

Director of Recreation

Brenda Torres

Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs

Joseph T. Zito

Dean of Students


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