Management, Marketing and Organizational Communication

Communication and creativity are cornerstones of Assumption University’s Department of Management, Marketing, and Organizational Communication.

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Cary Leblanc, Ph.D., Department Chair, Management, Marketing and Organizational Communication



TFAC - Room 343

Students will learn the necessary skills to contribute to and succeed in the fast-paced and complex fields of marketing and management. 

The foundation of a Catholic liberal arts education at Assumption equips students with the critical thinking and effective communication skills that are in demand and needed in order to succeed in the modern workplace. Students will learn the dynamics of the rapidly changing marketplace, the inner workings of businesses and organizations and the best ways to help advance their growth, and the leadership skills to effectively direct and communicate with others. 

The marketing program prepares students for a variety of careers including sales, advertising, public relations, merchandising, and product and brand management; while management graduates are ready for professional management positions in a corporate or non-profit setting, as well as for graduate studies in business disciplines, the law, and other related areas. The highly transferable and valuable skills—communicative, analytical, and organizational—learned in the organizational communications program help increase the employability of graduates of Assumption’s program. 

The Department of Management, Marketing and Organizational Communication is home of the digital marketing concentration. The concentration, established in response to the rapid increase in use of technology in the workplace and in all facets of our lives, teaches students how to understand and analyze the many moving parts of the digital marketing environment. 

Department of Management, Marketing and Organizational Communication