Conservation is an important part of the Assumption University curriculum. Learn your place in the local and global ecosystem, the effects that humans have on the world, how to solve environmental problems and prepare to take action.

Fostering a Sustainable Campus Environment

The University and our students take sustainability seriously. Whether through organizing group events like Recyclemania, taking part in awareness campaigns or just making sound ecological choices, our collective efforts contribute to a campus that does its part to make a meaningful difference. The Reach Out Center and student groups such as Greenhounds and CRS Social Justice Ambassadors provide you with a number of options to put into actions your passion for sustainable practices.

Assumption has made an institutional commitment to sustainability. In accordance with its mission and values, the University strives to be ecologically-responsible and forward thinking in ways both large and small.

Campus-Wide Sustainability Efforts

  • Recyclemania
  • Move Out/Move In campaigns
  • Community Service Projects
  • Weigh Your Food Waste
  • Waste Audits
  • Carbon Fast during Lent
  • Fair Trade awareness

An Institutional Commitment to Sustainability

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