Undergraduate Paid Summer Research

Assumption offers students several options for applying for paid summer research internships.  Summer research students work directly with a professor for 10 weeks during the summer break.  These competitive positions are full-time commitments for the entire 10 week period and give students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in research.  Research internships are available through the Psychology Department, Honors Program, and Center for Neuroscience.

Summer Research Opportunities

    • Fitzpatrick, P., & Lampi, A.   Honors Program Summer Fellowship: Evaluating the Relationship Between Social and Motor Engagement, Self-Stimulation, Joint Attention and Theory of Mind in Autism.
    • Fitzpatrick, P., & Hickey, R.  Psychology Department Summer Research Internship, Evaluating the neural mechanisms underlying social synchronization and measuring social communication dynamics in autism. 
    • Kalpidou, M., Kuersten-Hogan, R., & doCurral, A.  Department Summer Research Internship: Postpartum depression, transition to parenthood, and attachment to comfort objects.
    • Kuersten-Hogan, R., & LaForce, J.  Honors Program Summer Fellowship: The relationship between coparenting and depression.