Students working on summer research at Assumption College in the Science Testa building.

Assumption offers students several options for applying for paid summer research internships.  Summer research students work directly with a professor for 10 weeks during the summer break.  These competitive positions are full-time commitments for the entire 10 week period and give students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in research.  Research internships are available through the Psychology Department, Honors Program, and Center for Neuroscience.

Summer Research Opportunities

    • Fitzpatrick, P., & Lampi, A.   Honors Program Summer Fellowship: Evaluating the Relationship Between Social and Motor Engagement, Self-Stimulation, Joint Attention and Theory of Mind in Autism.
    • Fitzpatrick, P., & Hickey, R.  Psychology Department Summer Research Internship, Evaluating the neural mechanisms underlying social synchronization and measuring social communication dynamics in autism. 
    • Kalpidou, M., Kuersten-Hogan, R., & doCurral, A.  Department Summer Research Internship: Postpartum depression, transition to parenthood, and attachment to comfort objects.
    • Kuersten-Hogan, R., & LaForce, J.  Honors Program Summer Fellowship: The relationship between coparenting and depression.