Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Psychology

Psychology students who are members of the Honors Program complete an Honors Thesis in Psychology as one of the requirements for the Honors Program. Students work with the close supervision of a faculty mentor while doing independent research.  Students who are not part of the Honors Program but who wish to conduct independent research have the option of completing an independent study as an Honors Thesis with departmental approval.

Thesis presentation

Sample of Some Recent Honors Theses:

  • Julie Dunn, Class of 2018, (Mentor: Maria Parmley). The Impact Community Service Can Have on Classroom Learning 
  • Holly Olson, Class of 2018, (Mentor: Regina Kuersten-Hogan). Emotional Expressiveness in Families at Risk for Postpartum Depression 
  • Mariah Peck, Class of 2018, (Mentor: Sarah Cavanagh). Fiction and Affect 
  • Lauren Bretanha Class of 2017, (Mentor: Regina Kuersten-Hogan). Emerging Adults’ Expectations of Longevity in Romantic Relationships.
  • Shannon Campbell, Class of 2017, (Mentor: Paula Fitzpatrick). The Influence of Social Context on Communication and Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors in Children with Autism.  
  • Anna doCurral  Class of 2017, (Mentor: Maria Kalpidou). A Microgenetic Study of Parental Depression and Infant Development at 3  Months Postpartum.  
  • Lauren Price Class of 2017, (Mentor: Leamarie Gordon). Does Mindful Meditation Prevent the Misinformation Effect?
  • Deanna Tortora Class of 2017, (Mentor: Regina Kuersten-Hogan). The Role of Couples’ Birth Experiences in Coparenting Dynamics During the Transition to Parenthood.