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Study political science at Assumption University and learn the theory and practice of politics and develop an understanding and appreciation for classical & modern political traditions.

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Geoffrey Vaughan, Ph.D., Department Chair, Political Science



Founders Hall - Room 301

As preparation for vocations in government service, the law, journalism, business, and teaching, the study of politics offers an education befitting a free human being. A degree in Political Science thus stands at the heart of a genuinely liberal education.

Benefits and Features of Studying Political Science at Assumption

  • Benefit from small class sizes that allow faculty to know your strengths and help you achieve your goals.
  • Gain practical field experience. Over 72% of students completed an internship last year working with congressmen, in the courts and in law offices.
  • Prepare for graduate study in a variety of areas including law. The pre-law advisory program prepares you for the LSAT and applying to law schools.
  • Take advantage of Assumption’s 3 + 3 accelerated law degrees with top-ranked schools like Duquesne Law School and Western New England Law School.

Department Mission Statement

The major is designed to provide a comprehensive grounding in the fundamental principles and problems of a science whose relevance to contemporary life is immediate, yet whose tradition is venerable. Its concern is to help students become liberally educated men and women, rather than narrowly trained functionaries. Nevertheless, it prepares students in more than a general way for successful work in such fields as government service, international affairs, graduate study, journalism, law, teaching, publishing and business. The political science program consists of basic courses, open to all students, and advanced courses for all students except first-year students. 

Political Science




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