TFAC Fountain

As Assumption students and graduates are called upon to demonstrate compassionate service and faithful citizenship, serving as a trustee is yet another means by which one may faithfully reflect the pillars of the University’s mission. Trustees, each of whom has enjoyed considerable accomplishments, are well-positioned to offer invaluable counsel to University leadership.

Meeting three times throughout the year, trustees make meaningful contributions to the direction and future of the University using their expertise in an array of fields acting in the best, long-term interest of the institution.


Chairwoman of the Board:  Candace A. Race ‘78
Vice Chairman of the Board: Fr. Chi Ai Nguyen, A.A., Provincial of North America
President of the University: Greg S. Weiner, Ph.D., Holden, MA
Treasurer: Peter D. Wells, M.B.A., C.P.A., Spencer, MA
Vice President for Mission: Very Rev. Dennis M. Gallagher, A.A., M.Div.,’69, Brighton, MA
Provost:  Marc Guerra, Ph.D. B.A ’90, M.A.’94 , Worcester, MA
Vice President for Enrollment Management: William Boffi, N. Scituate, RI
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs:  Kristin White
Vice President for Student Success: Conway Campbell, Sr., Ed.D., Worcester, MA
Vice President for Institutional Advancement:  Jill Wierbicki Abrahams, MBA, Natick, MA
General Counsel and Vice President for Strategy; Secretary of the Board: Christina Graziano, Esq. ‘10 Phoenix, MD


Suzanne M. Besnia, Esq.,’79, St. Louis, MO
Sharon Brovelli ’85, Medway, MA
Richard P. Burke, Jr. ’80, Worcester, MA
Carl M. Cafaro ’98, Wellesley, MA
Maj. General Robert G. Catalanotti, Ret.’80, East Falmouth, MA
Richard J. Catrambone, D.M.D., M.D.’81, Westwood, MA
Carolyn M. Clancy ’82, Winchester, MA 
Rev.. John L. Franck, A.A. ‘70, Fiskdale, MA
Micheal J. Kelly, Ph.D.’70, Ontario, Canada
Fr. Richard Lamoureux, A.A. Ph.D. ’64
Emmanuel Larbi ’14, Worcester, MA
Rev. Vincent LeClercq, A.A., Rome, Italy
Christine C. Marcks ’77, New Castle, NH
Fr. Chi Ai Nguyen, A.A., Provincial of North America
Rev. Marcel Poirier, A.A., Quebec, Canada
Rev. Peter R. Precourt, A.A. ’70, El Paso, TX
Candace A. Race ‘78, Worcester, MA
Rev. Edward Shatov, A.A., Quebec, Canada
Stephen T. Skoly, Jr., D.M.D.’78, E. Greenwich, RI
Sr. Clare Teresa Tjäder, R.A., Philadelphia, PA
Andrew S. Viens ’94, Dover, MA
Jon Weaver ’06, Fiskdale, MA


Frederick L. Bayon, D.M.D. ’65, Worcester, MA


Francis J. Bedard, Esq., CPA ’81
David R. Grenon, HD ’86, Sutton, MA
Janice L. Fuller, Boylston, MA
Paul J. MacKinnon, South Yarmouth, MA
James J. O’Connor, Holden, MA
James J. Paugh III ’77, Worcester, MA
Leonard C.G. “Geoff” Smith ’66, Naples, FL
Michael P. Tsotsis ’71, Rutland, MA


John B. Connolly, Westford, MA
Gloria J. Plourde, HA ’95, Southborough, MA


President: Gregory Weiner B.A. University of Texas; M.A., Georgetown University; Ph.D., Georgetown University, 2010
Vice President for Mission: Very Rev. Dennis M. Gallagher, A.A., M.Div.,’69, Brighton, MA
General Counsel and Vice President for Strategy: Christina Graziano, Esq. Assumption University class of 2010, B.A., magna cum laude , Suffolk University Law School class of 2013, Juris Doctor 
Executive Assistant to the President: RoseMarie Caranci