Modern and Classical Languages and Cultures

Fascinated by communicating in a foreign language such as French, Spanish, Italian and German? Study languages and become a citizen of the global community.

Modern and Classical Languages and Cultures
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Juan Carlos Grijalva, Ph.D., Department Chair, Modern & Classical Languages & Cultures



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We believe that it’s not enough to be fluent in a language, you must also understand the people who speak it: their history, their traditions and their culture. Studying a language at Assumption means learning how to communicate effectively, yes, but it also means immersing yourself in a different region of the world. Assumption's campus in Rome, Italy, provides you the option to immerse yourself in the birthplace of Western Civilization for a semester or one month in the summer. Through broadening your horizons, you will become more open-minded, a standout job candidate, and a better citizen of the world.

By studying languages at Assumption you will not only learn to communicate in a foreign language; you also will explore the history, literature, philosophy, and customs of other cultures around the world. Through the study of languages, you can become a citizen of the global community.

Taught by a dynamic faculty, our courses in French, German, Ancient Greek, Italian, Latin and Spanish are small and interactive. In addition to speaking and reading the language in class, students watch films, make videos, listen to songs and even play games to gain language facility and an appreciation of the culture.

The study of languages helps you improve your oral and written communication skills, and also expands your capacity for critical thinking and examination. In fact, the type of analysis you perform on texts and films in your chosen language will help you in any future career, from translator to teacher to business professional.

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