Summer Semester

Accelerate your degree over the summer, choosing from a wide range of online, six-week courses.

Accelerate Your Degree Program

Assumption’s summer courses provide students with the opportunity to complete a semester-long course in six weeks, with an opportunity to concentrate on the subject with fewer distractions. Whether you are enrolled at Assumption or a student from another university—and whether you’re seeking to accelerate your degree program, catch up, or simply focus on a particular course—this opportunity is for you.

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We offer a high-quality, personalized experience for summer students. The courses offered during the summer are the same versions as their fall or spring semester counterparts, taught by the same professors, and provide the same level of intellectual rigor. As such, no special permission is needed for Assumption students to “count” these courses as part of their curriculum. The only real difference is the summer classes cost less than the fall and spring versions. 

Founded in the Catholic intellectual tradition, Assumption University's classic liberal arts curriculum inspires students to explore the relationship between faith and reason and encourages the growth of mind, body, and spirit in an inclusive, open climate. Our students join generations of scientists, artists, writers, and philosophers who have engaged—across disciplines—in a search for truth. 

Modes of Delivery

All Summer Semester courses are offered remotely through the University’s learning management system, Brightspace. 

  • Fully synchronous courses are held at a scheduled day and time via Zoom, and attendance is expected. 
  • Fully asynchronous courses allow students to engage with the course at flexible times that work for them.


  • Assumption students can register for Summer Semester starting on March 22. Summer Semester registration will remain open until May 11. 
  • Not a matriculated Assumption student, but still interested? You can register by filling out this form (link). Questions can be directed to the Registrar’s office or by calling, 508 767-7355. Summer registration ends on May 11.

The Assumption Advantage

The value of an Assumption education is witnessed in the success of our graduates and through the national recognition the University has received:

  • U.S. News & World Report ranks Assumption in the top-tier school of approximately 200 regional colleges and universities in the Northeast.
  • Barron’s has identified Assumption as a “Best Value College.”
  • The Princeton Review has named Assumption one of the best colleges in the Northeast.

Summer Semesters I and II, 2021

Summer I: May 17 to June 25

Synchronous via Zoom    
HRS 219K Rehabilitation Strategies & Interventions W 6:30 to 8 PM Tariq Sheikh
HRS 330K Interviewing Techniques MTWR 9-10 AM Cinzia Pica-Smith
MAT 114K Elementary Functions R 9 to 10:30     Suzanne Kozak
PHI 100K Socrates and the Search for Truth TR 9:00 to 12:00  Tom Miles
PHI 151K Ethics TR 1:00 to 4:00 Brian Moen
PHI 210K Logic TR 9:00 to 12:00 Paul Bohan-Broderick
Asynchronous via Brightspace    
ACC 125K Principles of Accounting I    Bryan Coleman
ANT 131K Cultural Anthropology   Justin Williams
ARH 125K History of Western Art   Elissa Chase
BIO 125 Backyard Biology (additional $200 Lab Fee)   Karolina Fucikova
CRM 130K Introduction to the Criminal Justice System   Erica Gagne
CYB 115K Cybersecurity Fundamentals   Jennifer McLarnon
ECO 115K Statistics   Brian Volz
ENG 130K English Composition   Mary DiDomenico
ENG 221K Survey of British Literature I   Kristen Carella
HRS 119K Intro. to Health, Human, and Rehab Services   Christian Scannell
LTE 140K Introduction to Literature   Rachel Ramsey
MGT 102K Organizational Behavior     Elizabeth O’Hara
MKT 101K Principles of Marketing    Paul Bailey
MKT 326K Digital Marketing Strategies    Zachary Daniels
PSY 101K General Psychology   Regina Kuersten-Hogan
PSY 224K Statistics   Maria Parmley
PSY 283K Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder   Karen Lionello-DeNolf
SPA 102K Spanish II    Esteban Loustaunau
THE 100K Introduction to Theology   Matthew Briel
THE 150K The Problem of God   Ty Monroe


Summer II: June 28 to August 6

Synchronous via Zoom    
HSC 100K Systems Approach to Health Care TR 6-7:15 PM Travis Gagen
MAT 117K Calculus I R 9 to 10:30 Suzanne Kozak
PHI 151K Ethics  TR 9:00 to 12:00 Tom Miles
Asynchronous via Brightspace    
ACC 126K Principles of Accounting II   Bryan Coleman
ANT 131K Cultural Anthropology   Justin Williams
BIO 110K Nutrition (additional $200 Lab Fee)   Robert Furse
BUS 100K Introduction to Excel (1-credit)   Michael McKay
BUS 100K Introduction to Excel (1-credit)   Michael McKay
BUS 100K Introduction to Excel (1-credit)   Michael McKay
ECO 110K Microeconomics   Olivia Wu
ENG 130K English Composition   Christopher Gilbert
LTE 140K Introduction to Literature   Paul Shields
MGT 330K Organizational Innovation   Cary LeBlanc
MKT 327K Social Media Marketing    Zachary Daniels
MKT 344K Sports Marketing    Elizabeth O’Hara
MUS 126K Global Pop   Peter Clemente
PSY 281K Psychology of Adolescence & Maturity   Fang Zhang
SPA 201K Spanish III   Juan Carlos Grijalva
THE 100K Introduction to Theology   Matthew Briel
THE 202K Moral Theology       Christopher Klofft


The Summer Semester at Assumption