Assumption students

Starting university can be an overwhelming time. New academic expectations, new people and new responsibilities can make the transition both exciting and challenging. Assumption University’s First Year Program, Common Pursuit of Academic and Social Success (COMPASS), is specially designed to offer students the tools and instruction they’ll need to find their way.

  • Become part of a close-knit learning community
  • Build friendships that will last a lifetime
  • Gain a solid footing in the liberal arts
  • Develop the skills you’ll need for a successful university career

COMPASS provides new students with an introduction to the liberal arts as well as a ready-made social group centered around academics. Through COMPASS, you become a member of one of 24 supportive learning communities, chosen according to their interests. Together, each community will take an entry level course in a subject such as philosophy, theology, English, or literature as well as an additional course in another discipline, which will be either another course in the core or an introductory course in a major program of study. By taking these first steps together, students form strong bonds, reinforce one another’s academic accomplishments, and provide a helping hand if necessary.

COMPASS also helps first-year students by providing guidance on how to become disciplined, resilient students through regular workshops throughout the semester. The workshops, co-taught by a staff member and an upper-class student, will include time management, stress management, study skills, advigin and academic integrity.