Logos Institute

Logos is an innovative first-year learning experience designed to help you thrive as you join the Assumption community.

Make a Successful Start to Your College Career 

In Logos, you will form lasting friendships and build meaningful community by engaging in a year-long learning experience with a small group of first-year students. Your small group will be paired with a faculty-student mentoring team. Your faculty and student mentors will provide you with personalized guidance and support that empower you to cultivate your unique talents and realize your full potential.

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Ashley MacGilvray

Logos Institute Outcomes

I liked the integration of the student mentors.

That’s very unique to this program and students feel connected. The student mentors were very helpful with information about Assumption, classes, class registration, and more. It was also nice to be able to know upperclassmen.

Gabriela Vargas

Logos Institute Outcomes 2025

Logos is a place where you feel cared for and heard.

It isn’t like a lecture—it is an open discussion. You will never be bored. You will meet new people and build relationships. It will allow you to grow as a person. We had open conversations that made me feel very comfortable. It felt like a real community.

Yaire Hernandez

Logos Institute Outcomes 2025

The openness of class discussions is what makes Logos so special.

What I liked most about Logos was the communication—not only with other students but with the faculty mentor as well. I encourage all students coming into their first year at Assumption to join Logos because the faculty and student mentors are nothing but helpful.

Talia Caloggero

Logos Institute Outcomes 2025

Logos provided me the opportunity for contemplation.

Participating in Logos enhanced my first-year experience at Assumption by making my transition to college life smoother. This is a valuable resource for students to have, not only for their academic success but for their emotional well-being.

Sam Baker

Logos Institute Outcomes 2025

Students in Logos think through important topics and then discuss them with a small group of peers.

This fosters community and allows students to develop and grow together. Another highlight of the program is that students have access to upperclassman peer mentors who are more than willing to answer any questions they might have and assist them in any way they are able.

Joseph Sawicki

Logos Institute Outcomes 2025

Logos is an amazing program that will help prepare you for college life

Participating in Logos helped me feel prepared for my first year at Assumption because it provided me with useful information and helped me learn practical skills like time management. They introduced me to new places around campus and helped me discover campus resources.

Gabriel Matraia

Logos Institute Outcomes 2025

Conversations are best when the people involved care about the things being discussed.

Logos gave me the opportunity to talk with other students who were interested in having conversations about serious issues. People weren’t afraid to speak their mind, but everyone was respectful of everyone else’s opinions. That is what Logos is all about.

Preparing You for College Success