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Preparing professionals dedicated to careers in the helping professions so that all individuals in our communities may reach their full potential and live fulfilling lives.

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The School of Graduate Studies has a long history of offering master’s degrees and certificates in the areas of human services and the helping professions.  Our graduates are highly sought-after professionals known for their rigorous academic preparation, adherence to high ethical standards, strong work ethic, and compassionate care.  They serve a broad range of individuals with intellectual, emotional, psychological, and physical needs in a variety of settings, and find great satisfaction in knowing they are making a difference in the lives of those with whom they work and in the communities in which they live.  Our graduates are leaders who will shape the future with their dedication to helping each person reach his or her full potential, which is a beautiful manifestation of the University’s mission.

Ambitious programs of study are led by faculty who are experts and practitioners in their disciplines.  The faculty integrate theory, research, and practice to foster the development of a high level of competence, cultural sensitivity, and integrity in our students.  All programs of study include a practicum or internship to ensure the ability to apply theory to practice and to promote professional and personal growth in each student.  Preparation for licensure or certification is integral to our programs.  Personal attention from faculty allows each student to advance in his or her career with a sense of purpose true to his or her values and aspirations.

Kimberly Schandel Kimberly Schandel, Ph.D.
Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry

Shining Their Light

Kate Diaz

Applied Behavior Analysis 2019
Behavioral Clinician, Horace Mann Educational Associates (HMEA)

The Applied Behavior Analysis program challenged and supported me in becoming a behavioral clinician

Each one of my instructors brought their own experience into the classroom which has been useful in my current position. I assist in creating Positive Behavioral Support plans that focus on adults increasing their independence and accomplishing their goals.

Mark Joyce

Clinical Counseling Psychology 2018
Clinician, Open Sky Community Services

I participated in research with Dr. Volungis where we studied the effects of smartphone addiction.

This article has recently been published and serves as an example of the high quality of work that occurs during the fellowship process. I was able to present our research in three separate states as well as publish our findings on smartphone addiction.

Talia Simoncini, M.A., CRC

Rehabilitation Counseling 2019
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Blackstone, Massachusetts

Assumption's Rehabilitation Counseling program challenges students to think outside of the box.

Through small, engaging classroom discussions; knowledgeable, experienced faculty; and internship opportunities in the program, I have grown tremendously as a student. The close-knit community at Assumption has made campus feel like home-away-from-home.

Jacqueline Kendrick

Rehabilitation Counseling 2019
Disability Specialist, Disability Resource Center, Northeastern University

I feel incredibly grateful for the education I received at Assumption.

I never felt like a number, but rather a valued member of the community. Assumption challenged me to think critically, serve faithfully, and develop a vocation filled with compassion and purpose. I feel confident and prepared to begin my professional career.

Dana Macphee

School Counseling 2018
Adjustment Counselor, Maynard High School

Assumption helped me get to where I wanted in my career.

Enrolling at Assumption for my CAGS was incredibly helpful, you get a top-notch education in a comfortable, friendly environment. I was able to take the courses I needed to get my additional license and the program was flexible so I could complete it on my own terms.

Kevin Bjorklund

Special Education 2016
8th Grade Special Education Teacher, West Boylston Public Schools

This program set me up for success and I am forever grateful for the education I received.

Assumption gave me the opportunity to participate in small classes and develop strong relationships with professors. I learned how to assess students for learning disabilities, develop detailed IEPs, effectively co-teach, and differentiate lessons for various levels of need.

An Ideal Place to Learn

Faculty Feature

Nanho Vander Hart, Ph.D.

Director of Special Education, Associate Professor of Special Education

Our educator programs are only one of three in Massachusetts with DESE "approval with distinction"

This distinction signifies that Assumption has exceeded the already high bar set for approval, demonstrating exemplary performance. DESE noted the programs operate at such a high level that they can serve as a model for other institutions throughout the state and nation.

Leonard Doerfler, Ph.D.

Director of the Clinical Counseling Psychology Program, Director of the Aaron T. Beck Institute for Cognitive Studies

Our Clinical Counseling Psychology program is nationally accredited

Noting that the program “clearly plays an important role in the community and appears to have a significant impact on services for the public,” Assumption’s program has been accredited by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC).

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