Bridget Leonard, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Marketing and Organizational Communication

Assistant Professor of Marketing

508-767-7246 Tsotsis Family Academic Center - Room 334

Degrees Earned

Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder, 2014
M.B.A., Laurentian University, Canada, 2009
H.B.Com, Laurentian University, Canada, 2006

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Strategic Marketing (previously Marketing Management)

Marketing Research (previously Developing Marketing Insights)

Consumer Behavior

Principles of Marketing



  • O’Hara, Elizabeth, and Bridget Leonard (2023) “Worcester Red Sox: Let’s Grow Our Brand,” The CASE Journal, forthcoming. 
  • Schneider, Abigail B., Sunaina Chugani, Tavleen Kaur, Jason Stornelli, Michael G. Luchs, Marat Bakpayev, Tessa Garcia‐Collart, Bridget Leonard, Lydia Ottlewski, and Laura Pricer, (2022) “The Role of Wisdom in Navigating Social Media Paradoxes: Implications for Consumers, Firms, and Public Policy,” Journal of Consumer Affairs, 56 (3), 1127-1147.
  • Schneider, Abigail B., and Bridget Leonard, (2022) “From Anxiety to Control: Mask-Wearing, Perceived Marketplace Influence, and Emotional Well-Being during the Covid-19 Pandemic,” Journal of Consumer Affairs, 56 (1), 97-119.
  • Leonard, Bridget, Margaret C. Campbell, and Kenneth C. Manning, (2019) “Kids, Caregivers, and Cartoons: The Impact of Licensed Characters on Food Choices and Consumption,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 38 (2), 214-231.
  • Campbell, Margaret C., Kenneth C. Manning, Bridget Leonard, and Hannah M. Manning, (2016) “Kids, Cartoons, and Cookies: Behavioral Priming Effects on Children’s Food Consumption,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 26 (2), 257-264. **Honorable Mention for 2018 C.W. Park Outstanding Contribution to the Journal of Consumer Psychology Award.
  • McGraw, A. Peter, Caleb Warren, Lawrence E. Williams, and Bridget Leonard, (2012) “Too Close for Comfort or Too Far to Care? Finding Humor in Distant Tragedies and Close Mishaps,” Psychological Science, 23 (10), 1215-1223. 
  • O’Reilly, Norm, Steven Ayer, Ann Pegoraro, Bridget Leonard, and Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, (2012) “Toward an Understanding of Donor Loyalty: Demographics, Personality, Persuasion, and Revenue,” Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing, 24 (1), 65-81.

Professional Affiliations

American Marketing Association
The Case Association