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Irina Mukhina, Ph.D., Department Chair, History



Founders Hall - Room 106

The possibilities may surprise you. As a history major, you will develop highly transferable skills in reading, writing, research, and speaking. You will also acquire global awareness by learning about the lives and cultures of diverse peoples in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.


Assumption history faculty provide a supportive environment in which each student is recognized and welcomed, and where students are appreciated for their contributions. We mentor and advise students with regard to internships, careers, and graduate study with a student’s unique talents and interests in mind. Faculty challenge students to think, read, speak, and write about some of the world’s most difficult problems. We also inspire with stories of strength, courage, determination, and achievement that help a student discern their own life’s purpose.


History opens doors to the future, as well as to the past.

Features and Benefits of Studying History at Assumption

  • Explore the rich and varied experience of the past while deepening your understanding of the present
  • Hone the critical thinking skills you’ll need for your future career through interrogating primary sources and analyzing both what they say and what they mean.
  • Conduct an independent research project on a topic of your choosing, allowing you to explore a subject you’re passionate about in depth.
  • Study at the prestigious American Antiquarian Society (AAS),  a research library founded in 1812 that focuses on American history, literature, and culture
  • The Adverts 250 Project: Undergraduates can curate weekly contributions to an on-going digital exhibition of “Advertising in Colonial America 250 Years Ago this Week.” 

Department Mission Statement

Students of history embark on disciplined journeys through the past. Through coursework in an array of subjects, students encounter diverse civilizations and cultures. They practice the historical method of interpreting human thought and action in varied contexts, and they improve their reading, writing, and oral communication skills. By developing historical empathy and learning to articulate informed judgments about the past, students acquire a more astute perspective on the present and future. They may be inspired to contemplate their own engagement with the wider world and to contribute more purposefully to the betterment of human society. The History Department’s mission of fostering historical and self-awareness serves the University’s mission of forming graduates known for critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship, and compassionate service. 





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