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Economics, Finance, and Accounting

Gain the educational foundation to succeed in these diverse, ever-changing fields. The skills, knowledge, and experiences learned inside, and outside, of the classroom will ensure graduates have the tools they need for a meaningful and successful career.

The Department of Economics, Finance, and Accounting offers majors in areas that are critical to the success of any enterprise in today’s global economy. Grounded in a foundation of the liberal arts, these programs provide students with both the cutting-edge technical knowledge of tools and concepts in economics, finance and accounting, as well as the enduring skills of critical thinking, ethical and empathetic reasoning, and written and oral communication needed to lead people and organizations. For example, economics majors learn how to use the tools of econometric analysis of data to understand questions as global as the drivers of national economic development and as local as the impacts of sports teams on local economic growth.

Finance majors can enjoy an interactive learning experience in our trading room, made possible thanks to a generous gift from Jeff ’76 and Sue (Daley) ’80 Lagarce. Assumption’s accounting majors hone their skills in data analysis, information management, and financial decision making as well as the professional and moral qualities that predicate ethical business practices in public accounting firms, corporate settings, or nonprofit institutions.

Coursework is complemented by a number of experiential learning and internship opportunities—from Worcester to Wall Street. Our students have also gone on to graduate school in Law, in Economics – both master’s and doctoral programs, in Finance, Business Administration and Public Policy. 

The department offers majors in Economics, Economics with a Business Concentration, Finance, and Accounting. It also offers minors in Economics, Law and Economics, Finance, Accounting, and Fraud and Forensic Examination.

Department Mission Statement

The Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting offers programs which emphasize the development of critical intelligence and an appreciation for diverse, evidence-based perspectives in order to prepare students for a lifetime of ethical professional advancement and engaged citizenship. Upon graduation, our students are prepared for careers in a wide array of fields in the private sector (such as accounting, banking and other financial services, business administration, law, marketing, sales, journalism, consulting, or entrepreneurship) or the public sector (government or non-profit accountant/analyst/researcher/lawyer etc.). In addition, our graduates are prepared to succeed in graduate school in a variety of disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance, law, public policy and business.





Law and Economics


Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting

Smriti Rao, Ph.D
Department Chair, Economics, Finance and Accounting Department Chair, Economics, Finance and Accounting Professor of Economics Global Studies Program Director
Colleen A. Fahy, Ph.D
Professor of Economics
Deanna Polli Foster, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Demetrius Kantarelis, Ph.D
Professor of Economics
Michael T. Matraia, J.D., M.S., C.P.A.
Associate Professor of Practice in Accounting
Kristen P. Quinn, MSA
Associate Professor of Practice, Accounting
Brian Volz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Economics
Thomas White, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics
Olivia Wu, Ph.D., CFA
Assistant Professor of Finance