Economics, Finance, and Accounting

Gain an educational foundation to succeed in this diverse, ever-changing field. The skills, knowledge, and experiences learned inside, and outside, of the classroom will ensure graduates have the tools they need for a successful career.

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Smriti Rao, Ph.D., Department Chair, Economics, Finance and International Business



TFAC - Room 229

The Department of Economics, Finance, and Accounting offers a number of programs to prepare students to function successfully in today’s global marketplace. Grounded in a foundation of the liberal arts and business courses, these interdisciplinary programs provide students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to work effectively in a variety of settings. For example, economics majors learn the flexibility of working on a global level, analyzing international development, trade, and finance, or on a local level, dissecting policy issues in one’s local community.  Finance majors can enjoy an interactive learning experience in the new trading room, currently under construction in the Tsotsis Family Academic Center, which will provide Assumption students the opportunity to access financial data and utilize industry-standard software and hardware.  The trading room is made possible thanks to a generous gift from Jeff '76 and Sue (Daley) '80 Lagarce.
No matter one’s chosen major, graduates of the Department of Economics, Finance, and International Business are positioned to succeed in jobs that are in high demand in today’s marketplace. 

Coursework is complemented by a number of experiential learning and internship opportunities—from Worcester to Wall Street. Those studying economics have the opportunity to take advantage of several partnerships to continue one’s education, earning a master’s or doctoral degree in economics from reputable institutions across the country.

The Department offers a range of options to fit many interests including majors and minors in finance, international business, and economics, economics with a concentration in business, or minor in law and economics. 

Department Mission Statement

The Department of Economics, Finance, and Accounting offers programs that emphasize the development of critical intelligence and an appreciation for diverse, evidence-based perspectives in order to prepare students for a lifetime of engaged citizenship. Through exposure to the theoretical and empirical methods, students develop a greater understanding of the complex world in which they live, and are able to critically evaluate options available for improving that world. Upon graduation, our students are prepared for careers in a wide array of fields in the private sector (such as banking and other financial services, business administration, marketing, sales, journalism, consulting, or entrepreneurship) or the public sector (government or non-profit analyst/researcher, etc.). In addition, our graduates are prepared to succeed in graduate school in a variety of disciplines, including economics, finance, and business. 





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